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Teng Tools EVA Tool Kit, 530 Piece TCMME09A

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The Teng Tools EVA Tool Kit is supplied in the Teng Tools TC805NFX full depth 5 drawer top box and TCW806N1 6 drawer roller cabinet, all with ball...
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The Teng Tools EVA Tool Kit is supplied in the Teng Tools TC805NFX full depth 5 drawer top box and TCW806N1 6 drawer roller cabinet, all with ball bearing slides. All of the tools are laid out in 2-colour pre-cut EVA foam, which is etched with the size or description of the tool. The top layer of the EVA block is black and the bottom layer is red, which clearly shows if any tools are not in their correct place. Comes with the following:

TTESK86 1/4in and 3/8in Drive Socket Set, 86 Piece:
12 x Regular 1/4in 6-Point Sockets: 4-13mm; 11 x Deep 1/4in 6-Point Sockets: 4-13mm; 1 x 1/4in 72 Teeth Ratchet; 1 x 1/4in Spinner Handle W/Extension 150mm; 5 x 1/4in Extension Bars: 50-300mm; 1 x 1/4in Universal Joint; 1 x 1/4in F:3/8in M Adaptor; 1 x 1/4in Sliding T-Bar; 1 x 1/4in Coupler Adaptor; 1 x T-HD T-Bar Handle Adaptor; 3 x 3/8in Spark Plug Sockets: 16-21mm;
16 x Regular 3/8in 6-Point Sockets: 7-22mm; 16 x Deep 3/8in 6-Point Sockets: 7-22mm; 1 x 3/8in 72 Teeth Ratchet; 1 x 3/8in Spinner Handle W/Extension; 1 x 3/8in Speed Brace; 5 x 3/8in Extension Bars: 76-508mm; 3 x 3/8in Wobble Extension Bars: 76-254mm; 1 x 3/8in Universal Joint; 1 x 3/8in F:1/4in M Adaptor; 1 x 3/8in F:1/2in M Adaptor; 1 x 3/8in Coupler Adaptor; 1 x 3/8in Rotating Spinner Handle.

TTEISK73 3/8in and 1/2in Drive Impact Socket Set, 73 Piece:
10 x Regular Impact 3/8in 6-Point Sockets: 8-19mm; 9 x Deep Impact 3/8in 6-Point Sockets: 8-19mm; 1 x 3/8in Extension Bar W/Ball: 76mm; 1 x 3/8in F:1/4in M Adaptor; 1 x 3/8in F:1/2in M Adaptor; 1 x 3/8in Coupler Adaptor for 1/4in Hex Bits; 23 x Regular Impact 1/2in 6-Point Sockets: 8-32mm; 20 x Deep Impact 1/2in 6-Point Sockets: 10-36mm; 3 x 1/2in Extension Bars: 75-250mm; 1 x 1/2in Universal Joint; 1 x Impact 1/2in F:3/8in M Adaptor; 1 x Impact 1/2in F:3/4in M Adaptor; 1 x 1/2in Coupler Adaptor for 5/16in Hex Bits; Plus Retaining Rings and Pins for use with sockets and accessories.

TTESK63 1/2in Drive Regular/Deep Metric Socket Set, 63 Piece:
24 x Regular 1/2in 12-Point Sockets: 8-34mm; 18 x Deep 1/2in 12-Point Sockets: 10-36mm; 3 x Spark Plug Sockets: 16-21mm; 1 x 72 Teeth Ratchet; 1 x Flex Handle; 1 x Speed Brace; 1 x Sliding T-Bar; 4 x Extension Bars: 63-508mm; 3 x Wobble Extension Bars: 76-250mm; 1 x Universal Joint; 1 x 1/2in F:3/8in M T-Bar Adaptor; 1 x 1/2in F:3/4in M Adaptor; 1 x Coupler Adaptor for 5/16in; 2 x Coupler Adaptors for 10 and 12mm Hex Bits; 1 x Flex Head Adaptor.

TTEISK33 3/4in Drive Impact Socket Set, 33 Piece:
15 x Regular Impact 3/4in 6-Point Sockets: 19-46mm; 14 x Deep Impact 3/4in 6-Point Sockets: 19-46mm; 1 x Extension Bar 177mm; 1 x Universal Joint; 1 x 3/4in F:1/2in M Adaptor; 1 x 3/4in F:1in M Adaptor.

TTESK32 3/4in Drive Regular Metric/AF Socket Set, 32 Piece:
14 x Regular 3/4in 6-Point Sockets: 19-50mm; 14 x Regular 3/4in 12-Point Sockets: 78-17/8in; 1 x 72 Teeth Ratchet; 1 x Sliding T-Bar; 1 x Extension Bar 406mm; 1 x Flex Handle 482mm.

TTEX23 Wrench Set, 23 Piece:
9 x Nut Drivers: 5-13mm; 7 x T-Handle Hex Drivers 2.5-8mm; 7 x T-Handle TX/TPX Drivers: T10-T40.

TTESP31 Metric Combination Spanner Set, 31 Piece:

TTEVG11 Power Grip Pliers Set, 11 Piece:
4 x Round Jaw Pliers: 4, 5, 10 and 12in; 2 x Flat Jaw Pliers: 10 and 12in; 3 x Long Nose Pliers: 4, 6.1/2 and 9in; 1 x C Clamp Pliers with Swivel Pads 11in; 1 x Self Locking Pliers 12in.

TTEMD122N Mega Drive EVA Screwdriver Set, 122 Piece:
11 x Slotted: 2.5x75, 3.5x75, 3.0x100, 4.0x100, 5.5x75, 5.5x150, 6.5x38, 6.5x100, 6.5x150, 8.0x150 and 10.0x200mm;
7 x Phillips: PH0X75, PH1x38, PH1x75, PH2x38, PH2x100, PH3x150 and PH4x200mm;
7 x Pozi: PZ0x75, PZ1x38, PZ1x75, PZ2x38, PZ2x100, PZ2x150 and PZ3x150mm;
1 x Ratcheting Bits Driver Set (inc. 6 Bits & 1/4in driver adaptor)
1/4in Hex 25mm Bits:
9 x Slotted: 0.6x3.5, 0.6x4.5, 0.8x4.0(x2), 0.8x5.5, 1.0x5.5(x2), 1.2x6.5 and 1.6x8.0mm;
9 x Phillips: PH1(x3), PH2(x3) and PH3(x3);
9 x Pozi: PZ1(x3), PZ2(x3) and PZ3(x3);
15 x TORX: TX6, TX7, TX8, TX9, TX10, TX15, TX20(x3), TX25(x3), TX27, TX30 and TX40;
6 x Hex: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8mm;
3 x Robertson: ROB1, ROB2, ROB3;
3 x GR: GR2(x3);
9 x TPX: TPX10, TPX15, TPX20(x2), TPX25(x2), TPX27, TPX30 and TPX40.
1/4in Hex 50mm Bits:
5 x Slotted: 0.6x3.5, 0.8x4.0, 0.8x5.5, 1.0x5.5 and 1.2x65;
4 x Phillips: PH1, PH2(x2) and PH3;
4 x Pozi: PZ1, PZ2(x2) and PZ3;
10 x TORX: TX8, TX10, TX15, TX20(x2), TX25(x2), TX27 and TX30;
4 x Hex: 4, 5, 6 and 8mm.

TTESP37 Metric Spanner Set, 37 Piece:
15 x Ratcheting Combination Spanners: 8-27mm; 11 x Double Open Ended Spanners: 6/7-30/32mm; 11 x Double Ring Spanners: 6/7-30/32mm.

TTEMB17 Mega Bite Pliers Set, 17 Piece:
2 x Side Cutting Pliers: 5 and 6in; 2 x Heavy-Duty Side Cutting Pliers 6 and 8in; 1 x Offset Heavy-Duty Side Cutters 8in; 1 x Cable Cutters 8in; 2 x Heavy-Duty Combination Pliers: 7 and 8in;
1 x Long Nose Pliers 8in; 1 x Flat Long Nose Pliers 6in; 4 x Circlip Pliers 7in: Inner/Straight, Inner/Bent, Outer/Straight and Outer/Bent; 2 x Water Pump Pliers: 7 and 10in; 1 x Wire Stripping Pliers 7in.


More Information
ManufacturerTeng Tools
Manufacturers Part NumberTCMME09A
Promo ID0
Retailer Barcode5020385212534
Package Height (cm)110
Package Width (cm)81
Package Length (cm)115
Bullet 1Proven reliable Teng Tools technology
Bullet 2Lightweight construction at just 235 Kgs
Bullet 3High performace for the home or tradesman
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