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  1. Record Power CWA70 Face Plate 200mm (4in) CWA70



    The Record Power RPTCWA70 is manufactured from grey iron castings and the 4 inch faceplate is individually machined on the external faces to a tolerance of 1/1000th of an inch.

    The CWA70 face plate has eight countersunk location holes which are geometrically located to ensure optimum holding position.

    Woodscrews are not supplied with this face plate, however we recommend the use of No.14 countersink screws and the length of screw will vary depending on your application.

    The CWA70 face plate is suitable for bowls up to 16 inches and for use on any lathe with a 3/4 inch x 16 TPI spindle.


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  2. Record Power CWA93 Live Centre 1 Morse Taper CWA93



    The Record Power CWA93 Live Centre - 1 Morse Taper is a good quality tailstock live centre is an essential accessory when turning between centres. Unlike traditional stationery centres, a live centre rotates with the wood, eliminating burning and increasing hold.

    All Record Power live centres feature high quality bearings to give long life and resist pressure during use. Sealed for life bearings ensure reliable, long lasting operation.


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  3. Record Power CWA61 Woodscrew Chuck 63.5mm (2.1/2in) CWA61



    The Record Power RPTCWA61 is now a versatile, popular form of chucking suitable for the most delicate goblets up to 12 Inch wet wood bowls.

    The wood screw chuck offers a simple safe timber holding solution consisting of seven precision machined components. This chuck incorporates the unique non-slip screw mechanism which guarantees re-alignment of the timber once removed, thus giving the facility to turn both kiln and wet timbers.

    This type of chuck is commonly used by specialist green wood turners on out of balance work pieces.

    As a general rule on a screw chuck you can turn five times the diameter of the chuck face therefore this chuck is suitable for timber up to 12 inches wide.

    The Record power CWA61 is an ideal chuck solution for turning goblets, egg cups and fruit bowls etc.

    This Record power CWA61 is for use on any lathe with a 3/4-Inch x 16tpi spindle.


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  4. Record Power DML250 250mm (10in) Cast Iron Mini Lathe 375W 240V 15001


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    The Record Power DML250 Cast Iron Mini Lathe, ideal for smaller workshops and for regular use on smaller work pieces. Its finely ground cast iron bed, headstock, tailstock and tool rest, help to reduce vibration and provide ample strength for the lathe to cope with heavy-duty work. The drive belt is easily accessible for fast speed changes and 5 speed settings for flexibility and increased torque when needed.

    The heavy-duty M33 spindle gives ample support, even for the heaviest turning the lathe is capable of and it accepts 2 Morse taper accessories. The tailstock also accepts 2 Morse taper accessories, providing excellent strength and solidity. The tool rest holder and tail stock are instantly locked in place thanks to the easy-to-use cam locking system. Its headstock features a hand wheel to turn the spindle, making fitment of headstock accessories much easier.

    A 3in faceplate is included with the DML250 for mounting bowl blanks.

    Input Power: 375 Watt
    Spindle Speed: 500/1,175/1,850/2,225/3,200/min
    Max Bowl Diameter: 254mm (10in)
    Max Swing Over Bed: 254mm (10in)
    Thread: M33 x 3.5
    Taper: 2 Morse
    Weight: 34kg


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