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Detail & Multi Sanders
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  1. Metabo FMS-200 Intec Palm Tri-Sander 200W 240V 600065500



    Metabo 200 Watt FMS-200 Intec Palm Tri Sander is a small lightweight machine perfect for one-handed use. It has the Intec dust filter unit to help aid dust containment. It has a very good power to weight ratio making it perfect for getting the job done quickly and professionally in those tight, awkward places.

    Carry case included.


    Input Power: 200W
    Oscillating Speed: 26,000/min.
    Oscillating Diameter: 1.4mm
    Base Plate: 100 x 147mm
    Weight: 1.25kg


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  2. Einhell TE-DS20E Delta Sander Soft Start 200W 240V 4464250



    The Einhell TE-DS20E Delta Grinder/Sander is a handy and compact tool with a long service life. It is perfect for grinding/sanding jobs involving wood, plastic and metal. The grinding/sanding disk is specially designed for tireless machining of offset and hard-to-reach places. The electronic speed control and a soft start function ensure smooth starting and enables the power to be adjusted exactly to the particular task.

    Other features include: Extreme Fix hook and loop fastening so that the abrasive paper can be changed in seconds and sits crease-free on the grinding/sanding disk, ergonomic design and soft grip, and generates very little vibration. The tool has an adapter for connection to a dust extraction system, which offers clean, low dust operation.

    Comes supplied with 10 sheets of abrasive paper (5x P80, 5x P120), and a cable clip for securing the cable.


    Input Power: 200W
    Oscillating Speed: 13,000-20,000/min.
    Oscillating Diameter: 2.0mm
    Sandpaper Size: 90 x 90 x 90mm
    Weight: 1.16kg


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  3. DeWalt D26430 Detail Sander 300W 230V D26430-GB



    DEWALT D26430 Professional Detail Sander with a variable speed control 14,000-22,000 orbits per minute. Has a high performance motor for long life, and a large orbit size for high stock removal.

    Dust collection using integrated extraction or external dust extractor for a better sanding performance and sheet life. 360 degree rotating base plate for improved access and uniform sanding sheet wear. Quick fit sanding pad, interchangable with optional attachments.

    Supplied with: 1 x Dust Cartridge, 1 x Hook & Loop Sanding Sheet.


    Input Power: 300W
    Oscillating Speed: 0-14,000/0-22,000/min.
    Oscillating Diameter: 1.8mm
    Base Plate: 93 x 93 x 93mm
    Weight: 1.3kg


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  4. Black and Decker KA280K 4-in-1 Multi Sander 220W 240V KA280K-GB



    The Black & Decker KA280K 4-in-1 Multi Sander is ideal for all types of wood based sanding. It has an easy-to-use reversible plate which allows the tool to get into awkward corners for easier sanding. The on-board dust extraction for a cleaner and safer working environment. Uses a quick fit paper attachment system, allowing the user to change the sanding sheet quickly and easily, so as not to prolong the job.

    The 17cm pointed base plate size gets into the tightest of corners. An autoselect dial ensures that the user has selected the correct speed in conjuction with the correct base, ensuring optimum performance. The tool-free base makes changing between orbital and random orbital sanding bases quick and easy.

    Supplied with: 1 x Iron Shaped Orbital Base, 1 x 125mm Random Orbital Base, 1 x Detail Finger Sanding Attachment, 1 x Profile/Contour Carrier, 3 x Contour Profiles, 12 x Sanding Sheets, 1 x Cleaning Sheet (Red) for Wood / Metal, 1 x High Gloss Finish Sheet (Grey) and 1 x Carry Case.


    Input Power: 220W
    Oscillating Speed: 8,500/11,500/min
    Oscillating Diameter: 2mm
    Eccentricity: 1mm
    Plate Size: Pointed 100 x 165mm, Round: 125mm
    Cable Length: 3m
    Weight: 1.3kg


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  5. Black and Decker KA2500K-GB Compact Mouse Sander 120W 240V KA2500K-GB



    The Black & Decker KA2500K-GB Compact Mouse Sander has a compact design with 3 separate rubber gripping areas that allow for optimum control. It has a micro filtration dust canister for excellent dust collection and a dust sealed slide switch for reduced fatigue during continual operation.

    The sander is supplied with a detailed finger base which is designed to give better results when sanding intricate areas. Its quick fit and innovative mesh sanding sheets provide four times the life of standard sand paper.

    Supplied with: 1 x Detail Finger Sanding Attachment, 6 x Mesh Sanding Sheets (2 x 180G, 2 x 120G, 2 x 80G), 2 x Mesh Detail Finger Sanding Sheets and 1 x Kit Box.


    Input Power: 120W
    Oscillating Speed: 14,000/min.
    Oscillating Diameter: 2mm
    Paper Size: 100mm


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  6. Einhell TC-DS 19 Delta Sander 190W 240V 4464235



    The Einhell TC-DS 19 Delta Sander is a handy, compact tool, ideal for DIY enthusiasts on grinding/sanding jobs involving wood and plastic. Its grinding/sanding disc has been specially designed to provide tireless machining of offsets and gets into hard-to-reach places. Features Extreme Fix Hook & Loop fastening, allow the abrasive paper to be changed in seconds and sits crease-free on the grinding/sanding disc.

    Supplied with: 3 x Sheets of Abrasive Paper & 1 x Dust Extraction Adaptor.


    Input Power: 190W
    Oscillating Speed: 20,000/min.
    Oscillating Diameter: 1.2mm
    Base Plate: 90 x 90 x 90mm
    Weight: 1.1kg


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  7. Einhell TE-OS 1320 Multi Sander with Dust Collection 130W 240V 4460560



    The Einhell TE-OS 1320 Multi Sander is a handy all-rounder which combines the best ergonomics with maximum functionality for lending surfaces a good finish. Experts appreciate the single-handed tool as an indispensable helper for the sanding of wood, plastic and metal, which demonstrates its qualities particularly on small and hard-to-reach surfaces.

    It has an ergonomic design with soft grip, making it easy to hold and provides precise handling. Comes with a hook & loop sanding sheet fastening system, the abrasive paper can be changed in seconds and sits crease-free on the sanding disk. For clean, practically dust-free working there is a dust collection box with integrated filter. A cable clip secures the wound-up cable with just a twist of the hand sees the multiple sander neatly stored away after use.

    Supplied with 3 pieces of P120 Sanding Paper.


    Input Power: 130W
    Oscillating Speed: 24,000/min.
    Oscillating Diameter: 2mm
    Sanding Paper Size: 150 x 150 x 100mm
    Weight: 1.2kg


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  8. Black and Decker KA161BC Mouse Detail Sander & Sanding Sheets 55W 240V KA161BC



    The Black & Decker KA161BC Mouse Detail Sander with single speed, designed to give better results when sanding intricate areas. The teardrop shaped base allows access to tight corners. Removable tips allowing other profile tips to be added for greater versatility.

    Quick fit sanding paper provides faster sanding action and easier paper fitment. Rotatable base allows user to rotate paper as it wears, extending the life of the sanding paper. Fitted with rubber grips for comfort and control and a rocker switch for continual operation. Highly versatile, ideal for paint / varnish, cleaning glass, removing rust and sanding in tight spaces. Compact design gets you closer to the work surface for greater control.

    Supplied with sanding sheets, detail finger attachment and detail sanding sheets.


    Input Power: 55W
    Oscillating Speed: 11,000/min.
    Oscillating Diameter: 1.5mm
    Platen Size: 105mm
    Platen Shape: Tear Drop
    Eccentricity: 0.75mm
    Cable Length: 3m


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  9. Ryobi RMS180-S Multi-Pad Sander 180W 240V 5133002908

    The Ryobi RMS180-S Multi-Pad Sander is ideal for light to medium weight applications such as fine finishing and paint removal. 3-in-1 sander to suit various applications: corner, 1/3 sheet and flip down finger. Fitted with a powerful motor for maximum performance and variable speed for an optimised surface finish. A cyclonic action dust box provides efficient dust collection. Uses quick fit, hook & loop sanding sheets.

    Supplied with: 5 x Corner Sandpaper Sheets, 5 x 1/3 Sheet Sandpaper Sheets and 5 x Finger Sandpaper Sheets.


    Input Power: 180W
    Oscillating Speed: 6,000-12,000/min.
    Sanding Pad Size: 100 x 176mm
    Weight: 2.0kg


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  10. Ryobi RPS-100 Palm Sander 100W 240V 5133002903

    The Ryobi RPS-100 Corded Palm Sander is ideal for lightweight applications, such as fine finishing and paint preparation. It has a compact design with an integrated flip down sanding finger to access hard to reach places. The triangular pad design is ideal for sanding up to the edge, in tight corners. Uses quick fit, hook & loop sanding sheets. With DustTech technology for efficient dust collection.

    Supplied with 5 x Corner Sandpaper Pads and 5 x Finger Sandpaper Pads.


    Input Power: 100W
    Oscillating Speed: 12,000/min.
    Sanding Pad Size: 99 x 149mm
    Weight: 1.1kg


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