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  1. Plasti-kote Trade Anti-Slip Spray Paint 400ml 440.0071021.076
    PlastiKote Trade Anti-Slip Spray Paint is a specially modified, fast-drying acrylic resin lacquer with anti-slip particles and a transparent matt... Learn More
  2. Plasti-kote Trade Damp Seal Spray Paint White 400ml 440.0071020.076
    PlastiKote Trade Damp Seal Spray Paint is a fast-drying insulating primer for internal and external use, based on acrylate resin, with excellent... Learn More
  3. Plasti-kote Trade Stain Block Spray Paint White 400ml 440.0071019.076
    PlastiKote Trade Stain Block is a fast-drying primer based on acrylate resin with excellent insulating properties for exterior and interior use. For... Learn More
  4. Zinsser Wallpaper Cover-Up 2.5 litre ZN7370001C1
    Zinsser Wallpaper Cover-Up is an all-in-one, high hiding primer, sealer and stain-block that obliterates wallpaper print with a smooth off-white matt... Learn More
    List Price: £42.31 Special Price £37.12 £30.93
  5. Ronseal Quick Dry Damp Seal Aerosol White 400ml 36959
    Ronseal Damp Seal Aerosol permanently blocks damp stains and prevents them from damaging topcoat paint. The aerosol application makes it easier to... Learn More
    List Price: £12.19 Special Price £8.96 £7.47
  6. Zinsser CoversUp Aerosol 400ml ZN7150001E8
    Zinsser CoversUp Aerosol is a low odour vertical aerosol that is a stain killer and ceiling touch-up paint in one. It seals water damaged ceilings and... Learn More
    List Price: £11.16 Special Price £8.44 £7.03
  7. Everbuild Stain Block Spray 400ml STAINSTP
    Everbuild Stain Block is a spray applied, heavily pigmented white paint which permanently prevents existing stains from water, mould, rust, nicotine,... Learn More
    List Price: £8.47 Special Price £3.95 £3.29
  8. Zinsser Peel Stop Clear Binding Primer Paint 1 litre ZN7180001D1
    Zinssers Peel Stop is a clear, flexible bridging sealer for surfaces where peeling, flaking, dusting or chalking is a problem. Use indoors or out to... Learn More
    List Price: £10.88 Special Price £9.55 £7.96
  9. Plasti-kote Twist & Spray Stain Sealer 400ml 440.0026010.076
    The PlastiKote Twist & Spray Stain Sealer is ideal as a spot primer for covering and sealing interior surfaces before repainting with interior wall or... Learn More
    List Price: £9.78 Special Price £6.54 £5.45
  10. Rustins Quick Dry Stain Block & Multi Surface Primer Range
    Rustins Quick Dry Stain Block & Multi Surface Primer is a water based, Matt white stain blocker for interior and exterior use, with excellent adhesion... Learn More

    Prices From £4.96 £4.13

  11. Blackfriar Interior Seal Damp Range
    Blackfriar Interior Seal Damp is excellent for use prior to decorating as it can be painted or papered over. It is suitable for surfaces such as... Learn More

    Prices From £4.85 £4.04

  12. Ronseal One Coat Stain Block White Range
    The Ronseal One Coat Stain Block can be used before painting to permanently block stains from showing through. It covers nicotine, crayon, grease and... Learn More

    Prices From £13.42 £11.18

  13. Ronseal Stain Guard Clear Coat Matt Range
    Ronseal One Coat Stain Guard is a clear coat the protects paint from stains. It is ideal for areas that are always getting dirty, marked or stained. It... Learn More

    Prices From £13.06 £10.88

  14. Ronseal One Coat Damp Seal Range
    The Ronseal One Coat Damp Seal permanently blocks damp stains on walls and ceilings. You can even put it onto damp walls. It lets trapped moisture... Learn More

    Prices From £6.34 £5.28

  15. Ronseal 3 In 1 Mould Killer Range
    The Ronseal 3 In 1 Mould Killer kills mould instantly, cleans and protects against mould. It breaks down mould and removes it from paint work. How to... Learn More

    Prices From £5.94 £4.95

  16. Ronseal Anti Condensation Paint White Matt Range
    The Ronseal Anti Condensation Paint adds a layer of insulation to help prevent condensation which leads to mould. Once its dry thats it, job done.... Learn More

    Prices From £15.64 £13.03

  17. Zinsser Perma-White Interior Paint Range
    Perma-White is guaranteed to prevent the growth of mould and mildew on the paint film for at least 5 years. The interior paint protects itself against... Learn More

    Prices From £18.34 £15.28

  18. Zinsser Gardz Sealer Primer Range
    Zinsser Gardz Sealer Primer is a clear, water-based, acrylic resin sealer that penetrates deeply into porous surfaces. It dries fast, and forms a hard,... Learn More

    Prices From £4.79 £3.99

  19. Zinsser Coverstain Primer Range
    Zinssers Cover Stain is an interior / exterior primer, sealer, stain sealer and bond coat that dries for recoat in only two hours.On interior surfaces,... Learn More

    Prices From £7.01 £5.84

  20. Zinsser Primer - Sealer B.I.N Range
    Zinssers B-I-N is the ultimate shellac-based primer, sealer and stain killer. It is perfect for use on interior surfaces and spot priming of exterior... Learn More

    Prices From £12.74 £10.62

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Sealer Paint & Stain Blocks
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