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Decorating - Preparation

Decorating - Preparation
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  1. Everbuild Low Tack Masking Tape Range




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    Everbuild Low Tack Masking Tape is the Professionals choice for application to more delicate surfaces and wallpaper, where conventional masking tapes could damage the surface.

    Can be left on for up to 14 days. Ideal for use on woodstains, varnishes and enamels where coating does not usually key well to substrate.

    Available in 2 sizes.


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  2. Everbuild Retail/Labelled Masking Tape Range




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    Everbuild Mammoth Retail Masking Tape is a general purpose, trade quality masking tape for conventional paint masking which can be left for up to 3 days without leaving a residue.

    The tape is easy to tear, and the Hotmelt adhesive provides clean removal from all surfaces.


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  3. Everbuild Pro Blue Masking Tape Range




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    Everbuild Pro Blue is a professional long stay masking tape that can be left on for up to 14 days without leaving a residue or damaging the surface. Increasingly popular with professional decorators, Pro Blue prevents seepage when using highly solvented or thinner coatings such as woodstains and many metal paints.

    High temperature resistance.

    Available in two sizes.


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  4. Faithfull Professional Chisel Knife Range


    A professional knife featuring a top quality stainless steel blade attached with brass rivets to a hardwood handle.

    The blade is through tanged for heavy-duty application.

    For stripping paint, removing putty and also for debeading UPVC windows.


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  5. Everbuild Sugar Soap Range




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    Everbuild Sugar Soap effectively removes grease, grime and nicotine from painted surfaces to ensure improved adhesion. It is also ideal as a general household cleaner.


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  6. Everbuild Roll & Stroll Contract Carpet Protector Range




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    Everbuild Roll & Stroll Contract Carpet Protector is the ultimate clear self adhesive carpet protection system.

    Roll & Stroll Contract Carpet Protector has the adhesive coating on the outside so it is easy to unwind, safer than dustsheets and has a multitude of uses across all trade sectors. It is totally waterproof and protects against paint spillage, and is tough enough not to tear or rip.

    Clear branded film.


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  7. Liberon Sanding Sealer Range




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    Liberon Sanding Sealer quickly prepares the surface prior of bare wood and MDF prior to wax finishing decorative items. It will seal the surface so that less wax is needed and its special lubricants will ease sanding. For table tops, shelves and other surfaces that need a hard wearing finish, seal with Liberon Finishing Oil instead of Sanding Sealer and then finish with wax if required. On floors use Liberon Floor Sealer and then Floor Wax.

    Liberon Spirit Sanding Sealer quickly prepares the surface of bare wood and MDF used for furniture and decorative items prior to wax finishing.
    It seals the surface so that less wax is needed and its special lubricants ease sanding.

    - Ideal for sealing wood before waxing
    - Suitable for use on all types of new or stripped furniture; including MDF
    - Brush or cloth applied
    - Ideal for use on turned woodwork

    Ensure surfaces are bare, dry and free from dust. If you want to colour the wood apply Liberon Palette Wood Dye before the sealer.

    Shake well before use. Brush on a thin coat of sealer, allow to dry for at least one hour and sand very thoroughly with 240 or 320 grit abrasive paper. Apply a second coat if required and resand after a minimum of one hour. Apply Liberon Black Bison Paste Wax using Ultra Fine (0000) Steel Wool.


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  8. Liberon Tack Cloth Range




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    This Liberon tack cloth is ideal for removing heavy dust from surfaces in the home, car or workshop. Impregnated with a unique blend of resins so dust readily adheres to the tacky face of the cloth - does not leave a sticky residue on the surface. Dust Grab is long lasting and can be used and re-used many times over.

    - Removes heavy dust from around the home, car or workshop.
    - Resin impregnated to remove dust and lint from wooden surfaces after sanding and prior to staining, waxing or French polishing.
    - Long lasting.
    - Silicone free.


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  9. Shurtape Gloss & Satin FrogTape Range

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    FrogTape Gloss & Satin Painters Masking Tape gives the best finish possible, by keeping paint out and lines sharp. It is the only tape with PaintBlock Technology. The tape can be used when pointing skirting boards, architrave, frames and doors.

    Perfect on cured painted surfaces, glass, carpet and stone. Designed for use with gloss and satin paints.

    Remove FrogTape immediately after painting.


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  10. Shurtape FrogTape Multi-Surface Masking Tape Range

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    Shurtape FrogTape Multi-Surface is a medium adhesion painters tape designed for use on cured painted walls, wooden trim, glass and metal. After application it will remove cleanly from most surfaces for up to 21 days (or 7 days in direct sunlight). The only tape with PaintBlock Technology.

    FrogTape is a true innovation - saving you time, money and giving you professional results first and every time. Its super absorbent polymer along the tapes edge attracts the moisture in emulsion paints, creating a micro-barrier. The result is the sharpest lines possible, making touch-ups a thing of the past.


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Decorating - Preparation
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