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  1. Flexovit Hook & Loop Sanding Block Refill Kit Range




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    Quick release hook and loop backing allows for easy sheet changing.

    General purpose aluminium oxide abrasive for durability.


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  2. Hammerite Stonechip Shield Range




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    Hammerite Stonechip Shield protects surfaces from stone chip damage, salt, damp and rust. It is tough and durable and remains flexible after application. It will not crack or peel.

    The Stonechip Shield is easy to apply, with a non-drip formulation. It is overpaintable with most top coats.

    Ideal for sills, spoilers and lower body panels of vehicles.

    Available in aerosol or schutz.


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  3. Henry Squire STH Hi Security Cen Padbars Range




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    The Squire range of hasps and staples are designed for domestic, commercial and industrial use. From sheds to security cages and commercial vehicles, there is a Squire hasp and staple designed to provide the security required. These hasps and staples are covered by the Squire 10-year guarantee.

    Ultra-strong padbars are made of special hardened casting with a specially toughened hasp attachment plate and staple.

    CRIMESTOPPERS supported.


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  4. Evo-Stik 1 Hour Shower Sealant 310ml Range




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    This Evostik 1 hour shower sealant is a fast-set bathroom sealant that is ready to use in only one hour and will help in stopping mould.

    A fast skinning silicone sealant with additional protection against mould/mildew.


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  5. Faithfull Soft Coco Broom with Stay Range




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    A by-product of coconut harvesting, natural coco brushes are softer when compared to other natural brooms, but still provide good sweeping characteristics. The Faithfull soft coco brooms are for use in dry conditions. These broom heads come complete with a handle and stay.


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  6. Faithfull Glasspaper Sheet Range




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    Faithfull cabinet (also known as Glasspaper) is probably the oldest form of abrasive still in use today. Manufactured using C-Weight paper, using flint not glass. This selection is graded for general use for finishing on wood prior to painting or varnishing.

    These sheets can be cut to any shape or size making them extremely versatile for use in a wide variety of applications.

    Size: 230mm x 280mm.


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  7. Faithfull Hand Pad Range




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    Faithfull versatile flexible sanding pad, double sided and washable, can be used on wood, paint, metal and plaster, wet or dry and even with chemical paint strippers.

    Pack of 10.


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  8. Everbuild General Purpose Silicone Sealant Range




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    Everbuild General Purpose Silicone is a Multi-Purpose acetoxy cure silicone sealant that cures quickly to provide a permanently flexible, high strength waterproof seal. It contains a powerful anti-fungicide to prevent mould growth

    - Permanently flexible.
    - Anti-fungal formula - prevents mould growth.
    - Quick curing - low dirt pick up.
    - Low viscosity for fast application.

    - Sealing glass to glass.
    - Sealing glass to aluminium and metal sealing.
    - Sealing around baths, showers, basins and other sanitary ware.
    - As an adhesive for fixing PVCu trims, cladding and panels.
    - Sealing around worktops and laminates.
    - Cap glazing to metal, timber and PVCu window frames, and pointing round window and door frames.
    - For aluminium gutter sealing.
    - General draughtproofing.


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  9. Faithfull Floor Sanding Sheet Range

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    The Faithfull Aluminium Oxide Sanding Sheets have are ideal for renovating, sanding and fine finishing of wooden floors.

    Manufactured from E-Weight flexible backing paper.


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  10. Silverhook Petrol Can & Spout 5 Litre Range




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    A colour co-ordinated plastic fuel can with external graduations moulded into the outer casing.

    Supplied with flexible pouring spout which mounts neatly on can top.

    The Petroleum Spirit (Motor Vehicles etc.) Regulations 1929 and the Petroleum Spirit (Plastic Containers) Regulations 1982 limit the amount of petrol that can be kept in a domestic garage or within six metres of a building (e.g. most domestic driveways).

    The limit is a maximum of two suitable metal containers each of a maximum capacity of ten litres and two plastic containers (which have to be of an approved design) each of a maximum capacity of five litres.

    These limits also apply to any containers kept in a vehicle parked in the garage or on the driveway (but not to the internal fuel tank of the vehicle). Under no circumstances should the petrol containers be stored in the home itself.


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  11. Faithfull Floor Squeegee Range




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    The Faithfull wooden squeegee head fitted with a rubber blade, widely used in the cleaning of tiled and concrete floors. Particularly suitable for the removal of oil, water and most types of spilt liquids.


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  12. Flexipads Hand Sanding Pad for Discs Range




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    Profiled professional hand sanders made from durable Polyurethane foam. Perfectly designed for a comfortable hand grip, these most versatile blocks are also ideal for convex and concave surfaces. Simply wrap your abrasive disc from your orbital tool around the block and up its sides.
    With GRIP fastening.

    Made in Great Britain


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  13. Henry Squire CP Combination Padlocks Range




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    The Henry Squire CP Combination Padlock deliver heavy-duty security and there are no keys to lose. The die cast alloy lock body has a dual compound protective cover for high corrosion resistance and excellent weather protection. All locks can be coded and re-coded as required and they can be coded alike, so one code opens several locks.

    The combination wheels are spaced comfortably apart, making them easier to use, with push button operation. The recodable mechanism offers 10,000 possible combinations on the 4-wheel and 100,000 possible combinations on the 5-wheel, making it very difficult to pick.

    It comes with a 10 Year Guarantee.

    CRIMESTOPPERS endorsed.


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  14. Henry Squire ATL Marine Padlocks Stainless Steel Range




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    The Henry Squire ATL4S Marine Padlock has a solid brass body and stainless steel shackle with a weatherproof cover. Double ball locking for improved pull resistance.

    The 5-pin tumbler locking mechanism gives over 1,000 key differs.

    Keyed alike available to order.


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  15. Cuprinol UV Guard Decking Oil Range




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    Cuprinol UV Guard Decking Oil can be brushed or spray applied to penetrate into the wood to replace natural oils and resins lost through weathering. Its tinted formula revitalises the colour of weathered wood.

    A 2.5 Litre Can covers up to 20m with 2 coats brush applied or 1 coat spray applied. Coverage can vary depending on application method and the condition and nature of the surface. Drying times is up to 6 hours but this can vary depending on the nature of the surface and the weather conditions.


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