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  1. Everbuild Low Tack Masking Tape Range
    From: £1.12

    Everbuild Low Tack Masking Tape is the Professionals choice for application to more delicate surfaces and wallpaper, where conventional masking tapes could damage the surface.

    Can be left on for up to 14 days. Ideal for use on woodstains, varnishes and enamels where coating does not usually key well to substrate.

    Available in 2 sizes.


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  2. Everbuild Retail/Labelled Masking Tape Range
    From: £1.08

    Everbuild Mammoth Retail Masking Tape is a general purpose, trade quality masking tape for conventional paint masking which can be left for up to 3 days without leaving a residue.

    The tape is easy to tear, and the Hotmelt adhesive provides clean removal from all surfaces.


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  3. Everbuild Pro Blue Masking Tape Range
    From: £2.17

    Everbuild Pro Blue is a professional long stay masking tape that can be left on for up to 14 days without leaving a residue or damaging the surface. Increasingly popular with professional decorators, Pro Blue prevents seepage when using highly solvented or thinner coatings such as woodstains and many metal paints.

    High temperature resistance.

    Available in two sizes.


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  4. Everbuild Caulk Once Range
    From: £1.29

    EVERBUILD CAULK ONCE is a premium acrylic caulk formulated to outperform all other conventional decorating caulks and flexible fillers. Manufactured using an advanced high quality polymer, CAULK ONCE offers superior adhesion, minimal shrinkage and outstanding flexibility as well as tooling down smoothly.

    CAULK ONCE offers a more durable, longer lasting product that will cope with joint movement over time, so unlike inferior products you wont find yourself replacing it after only a few years, so APPLY ONCE JOB DONE! CAULK ONCE can be overpainted, with most paint types, within 60 minutes.

    It is ideal for sealing and filling, prior to decorating, around skirting boards, door architraves, ceiling cornices, stair treads and risings, cupboards and other fixtures, adjoining walls.


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  5. Everbuild Ready Mix Fill Once Range
    From: £2.93

    EVERBUILD FILL ONCE is a revolutionary ready mixed filler made with Expanded Micro-Sphere Technology (EMT) making it ideal for filling large or small holes in ONE application without the need for building up of layers, so jobs can be finished in over half the time!


    Formulated to outperform conventional fillers, FILL ONCE provides a smooth, fine finish that wont shrink back after setting and will only require minimal or no sanding. It is also quick drying.

    FILL ONCE will set hard so it can support nails or screws directly into solid substrates. FILL ONCE is ideal for repairs to plaster, wood, brick, stone and rendering.


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  6. Everbuild 704 Wall Tile Grout Range
    From: £2.43

    Everbuild Powdered Wall Tile Grout is a cement based grouting compound with added PVA to promote adhesion. Simply mix with water to give a pure white paste. Can be used on wall joints up to 3mm. Suitable for use in kitchens, bathrooms and shower areas. May be used internally and externally.

    - Excellent water resistance
    - Dries brilliant white
    - Compressible
    - Resists mould growth
    - Fine fillers present will not scratch glazed tiles
    - Interior/Exterior use
    - Extended open time - large quantities may be mixed for covering large areas.

    - Grouting wall tiles on most surfaces up to 3 mm joint width
    - Recommended for grouting in domestic, communal and power shower areas
    - Suitable for constant immersion; eg in swimming pool walls
    - Suitable for use with ceramic, quarry and natural stone tiles and mosaics
    - Coloured grouts may be made by adding up to 5% by weight of Everbuild Powder Mortar Tone
    - May be used on floors when mixed with Everbuild SBR (1:1 dilution with water)


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  7. Everbuild Wood Filler, 2 Part High Performance Range
    From: £6.13

    Everbuild 2 Part High Performance Wood Filler is a fast drying, exterior and interior wood filler. It is easy to mix and apply and is completely weatherproof.

    Once mixed, the filler sets hard to a shatterproof finish in approximately 30 minutes and may be drilled, carved or planed once dry.

    Available in 2 sizes, 500g or 1.4kg, and a variety of colours.


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  8. Everbuild Industrial Polyurethane 25 Sealant C3 Range
    From: £5.42

    Everbuild Puraflex 25 is a one part low modulus building sealant based on polyurethane technology. It is suitable for most construction expansion and dilation joints and adheres to most building surfaces such as concrete, ceramics, wood, metal, uPVC etc. Is solvent free and odourless.

    Recomended for:
    Most construction, expansion and dilation joints in brickwork, stone and concrete structures, vertical and horizontal.
    Pointing and perimeter joints around timber window and door frames.
    Capping to beaded glazing systems.
    Sealing and pointing in roofline applications and to composite panels, metal panels and steel structures.
    Sealing and pointing pre-cast concrete panels.
    Light traffic floor joints.

    Conforms to the following:

    - EN 15651-1 type FEXT-INT CC Class F25LM.
    - ISO11600 F25LM.
    - ASTM C920, Class 100/50.
    - ISO 16938-1 non staining on marble.
    - ASTM C 1248 non staining on marble .

    Available in Black, Brown, and White.


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  9. Everbuild Industrial Polyurethane 40 Sealant C3 Range
    From: £5.42

    Everbuild Industrial Polyurethane 40 Sealant is a high modulus, one-component PU sealant and adhesive which adheres strongly to most substrates. Provides excellent mechanical resistance (shore A 35), resistance to most common chemicals and can be overpainted when cured. Suitable for metal and container sealing, marine applications, expansion joints, automotive and engineering uses. Is solvent free (EMICODE EC 1PLUSR Very Low Emissions).

    Recommended for:
    Sealing and bonding metal panels and trim.
    Expansion joint sealing in concrete panels.
    Floor joint and road and bridge construction.
    Sealing in applications subject to vibration and mechanical abrasion.
    Marine applications, providing resistance to salt water.
    A multitude of sealing and bonding applications in the automotive and engineering markets.
    Bonding in container fabrication.
    High traffic floor joints such as those found in garage forecourts, warehouse, factory floors, sports arenas, shopping centres etc.
    Food stuff area usage (ISEGA Certificate).

    Passes LEED EQc 4.1, SCAQMD, Rule 1168 and BAAQMD, Reg 8, Rule 51.

    Available in Black, Grey, or White.


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  10. Everbuild Multi-Purpose Wood Filler Range
    From: £1.86

    Everbuild Multi Purpose Premium Joiners Grade Wood Filler is an easy to use ready mixed filler which is ideal for filling small imperfections (Max 5mm depth) in wood. Once dry, the filler leaves a sandable surface, which can be stained, painted, varnished or dyed, even with microporous stains.

    The filler is waterproof when dry and is suitable for exterior as well as interior applications. It is also non flammable and has a low odour.

    Areas For Use:
    Filling small holes, splits, surface imperfections and damaged areas in wood.
    Covering the recesses left by nails and screws.

    Available in 100ml Easi Squirt or 250ml tub.


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