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  1. Shurtape T-REX Waterproof Tape Range
    Shurtape T-REX Waterproof Tape provides tough, waterproof adhesion under wet and dry conditions. Built with R-Flex Technology, it can stretch up to... Learn More

    Prices From £9.24 £7.70

  2. Bostik Fast Tak Range
    Bostik Fast Tak is a strong aerosol adhesive that allows for repositioning. Clear, fast setting, non-staining adhesive for paper. Convenient spray... Learn More

    Prices From £5.09 £4.24

  3. Gorilla Glue Clear Contact Adhesive Range
    Clear Gorilla Glue is a non-foaming, flexible, fast setting, crystal clear contact adhesive. It creates a strong permanent bond but also offers an... Learn More

    Prices From £4.40 £3.67

  4. Gorilla Glue White Gorilla Tape Range
    White Gorilla Tape grips smooth, rough and uneven surfaces. It is a tough all-weather tape which is UV resistant. It has strong, reinforced backing and... Learn More

    Prices From £4.61 £3.84

  5. Gorilla Glue Silver Gorilla Tape Range
    Silver Gorilla Tape is extra thick, extra strong and extra durable, which makes it ideal for repairing heating, ventilation or air-conditioning ducts.... Learn More

    Prices From £4.61 £3.84

  6. Gorilla Glue Gorilla Heavy-Duty Mounting Tape Range
    The Gorilla Heavy-Duty Double Sided Mounting Tape provides a quick and easy solution to mount and repair where traditional fasteners cant. This... Learn More

    Prices From £4.93 £4.11

  7. Everbuild Lumberjack 30min Wood Adhesive Range
    The Everbuild Lumberjack 30min Polyurethane Wood Adhesive offers exceptional bond strength to wood and most common building surfaces. Suitable for... Learn More

    Prices From £7.49 £6.24

  8. Shurtape T-REX Cloth Tape Range
    The Shurtape T-REX Cloth Tape holds longer and stronger than ordinary tapes. It is double the thickness of standard duct tapes, making it extremely... Learn More

    Prices From £6.60 £5.50

  9. Evo-Stik SSS Rapid Set Wood Adhesive Range
    The Evo-Stik SSS Wood Adhesive is a rapid setting, seriously strong wood adhesive which is 40% faster than other regular wood adhesives. Suitable for... Learn More

    Prices From £5.71 £4.76

  10. Gorilla Glue Gorilla Super Glue Gel Range
    Gorilla Super Glue Gel has a non-run control gel formula, allowing controlled application and making it ideal for use on vertical surfaces. The glue... Learn More

    Prices From £3.49 £2.91

  11. Unibond Repair Express Putty Range
    Unibond Repair Express Power Putty makes 1,000s of DIY and repair tasks easier - simply cut, knead and apply! Use Repair Express Power Putty to fill,... Learn More

    Prices From £5.26 £4.38

  12. Velcro Easy Hang Strap Range
    The VELCRO Brand Hook & Loop Easy Hang Straps for easy and secure storage of large, heavy, bulky and awkward shaped items. Fully reusable, durable and... Learn More

    Prices From £4.99 £4.16

  13. Gorilla Glue Packing Tape Dispenser Range
    Gorilla Packaging Tape is stronger, thicker and wider than the rest. Just one strip is all thats needed for a neat and secure seal. That means less... Learn More

    Prices From £4.28 £3.57

    Out of stock
  14. Shurtape T-REX Duct Tape Range
    The Shurtape T-REX Tape is a ferociously strong tape! It gets its famous bite from co-extrusion technology, designed to prevent de-lamination of the... Learn More

    Prices From £2.21 £1.84

  15. Unibond Powertape Range
    Unibond Powertape is a multi-purpose tape that uses 3 Power Layers to form an outstanding heavy-duty, fabric reinforced tape. It is 100% waterproof and... Learn More

    Prices From £5.90 £4.92

  16. Gorilla Glue Range
    Gorilla Glue is a polyurethane glue. When exposed to moisture, the adhesive reacts and creates a foaming action that fills whilst it sticks. Gorilla... Learn More

    Prices From £4.61 £3.84

  17. Rapid GEN-T Glue Sticks Range
    The Rapid GEN-T Glue Sticks are multi-purpose glue sticks for all kinds of applications, such as repair, installation and assembling. The large pack... Learn More

    Prices From £14.20 £11.83

  18. Velcro VELCRO Brand Hook & Loop Adjustable Strap Range
    The VELCRO Brand Hook & Loop Adjustable Straps can be used to bundle, secure and tidy items for an organised environment. They are fully adjustable,... Learn More

    Prices From £3.59 £2.99

  19. Velcro VELCRO Brand ONE-WRAP Reusable Ties Range
    The VELCRO ONE-WRAP Reusable Ties are fully adjustable, durable, reusable and weatherproof. Use to bundle, secure and tidy items for an organised... Learn More

    Prices From £2.80 £2.33

  20. Velcro Heavy-Duty Hook & Loop Stick On Tape Range
    VELCRO Brand Hook & Loop Heavy-Duty Stick On Tape is the quick and easy to use alternative to nails, screws and glues. With extreme holding power,... Learn More

    Prices From £7.16 £5.97

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Adhesives & Adhesives & Tapes
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