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  1. Ridgid Chain Tong - Double Ended 33-168mm (1-6in) Capacity 3233 92675

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    RIDGID Chain Tongs are designed and sized to provide extra leverage for the toughest jobs. All chains are tested to 2/3 of its breaking strength.

    Model 3215 is a single-end tong but all other models feature double-end jaw styles which can be reversed.

    RIDGID Chain Tong - Double Ended

    Total Length: 1,117mm (44in).
    Pipe Capacity: 33-168mm (1-6in).
    Chain Length: 813mm (32in).
    Chain Breaking Load: 9,117.0kg.
    Weight: 13kg.


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  2. Bailey Drain Tracing Dye Range




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    The Baileys Drain Tracing Dyes are soluble in water and are used to locate the direction of water flow in pipes, drains etc.

    The best way to use the dye is to dissolve the required amount into about five litres of water and then add into the flow or tank. The dilution rates assume that the dye is being added to clean water, for examle one 8oz jar will provide enough dye for approximately 15,000 litres/3,300 gallons of water.

    However please note that dirty water will require a greater concentration of dye.


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  3. Antex Replacement Heads for Pipemaster Pro Range




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    Interchangeable heads for Pipemasters irons.


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  4. Antex Pipemaster Pro Range




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    The Antex Pipemaster Professional is designed for the professional plumbing contractor. It can be used to solder copper pipe joints with fittings up to 3/4in (22mm) and it is an invaluable tool when working in areas where a torch is a possible hazard or where access is limited i.e. in roof spaces, under baths or basins, close to decoration or furnishings, near vehicles, etc.
    Maintenance is restricted to regular cleaning after use, ensuring excellent results time after time. The heads are removable for cleaning, storage or replacement with a different size.


    Input Power: 220 Watt.
    Head Temperature: 968F (520C).
    Power Lead: 3 core PVC cable, approx 55in long.
    Standard Head: 15mm.


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  5. Irwin Record Chain Pipe Wrenches Range




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    IRWIN Record Chain Wrenchs are robust and provide maximum grip on round or irregular shapes. Not for use on copper pipe or non-ferrous pipes. Easy to use, you simply loop the chain around the pipe, lock it, and the jaws will grip in the direction of turn.

    Great for use in confined spaces, trenches, or close to walls. With its double ended reversible replacement jaws and a high breaking strain tensile steel chain with fast positive lock.

    The cast tubing handle combining strength and lightness.

    Note: Not for use on copper pipe or any non ferrous pipes.


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  6. Monument Socket Forming Tools Range




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    Monument socket forming tools (copper pipe jointers) are ideal for joining 2 pieces of copper pipe of equal diameter together without using fittings.

    The loose former allows easier withdrawal of tool after use. The resulting capillary joint that is left can be soft or hard soldered to finish the joint.


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  7. Monument Varipitch One Piece Holesaws Range




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    Monument high-quality holesaws have an integral shank with M42 Cobalt High Speed Steel cutting blades with variable pitch teeth. Supplied with a split point HSS pilot drill which reduces skidding on convex surfaces, eliminating the need for pre-punching.

    For use on stainless steel, cast iron, mild and galvanised steel, aluminium, copper, brass, plastics and wood.

    Generally no cutting fluids are required, but for cast iron use paraffin and for stainless steel use a cutting compound.


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  8. Monument Olive Cutting Tools Range




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    The Monument olive cutting tool is designed to remove an olive from copper pipe without damaging the pipe and without producing swarf/debris.

    NOTE: DO NOT attempt to remove stainless steel olives with this tool.

    Made in Britain.


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  9. Monument Compression Fitting Spanner Range




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    Monument Compression Fitting Spanner double ended spanner for tightening and loosening most 15 and 22 mm compression fitting nuts.

    Size: 15/22 mm.


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  10. Monument Copperkey Pipe Cleaning Tools Range




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    Monument pipe cleaning tool is the very best and safest way to prepare copper pipe and copper fittings and comes in 15mm and 22mm cutting sizes.

    Long-lasting double stemmed brushes clean quickly. Quick thorough tubing prep with patented tungsten carbide abrasive technology, they work 3x faster and last 4x longer than conventional tools.

    Patented ratchet handle makes jobs possible in tight spaces. Eliminates the risk of scrapes or flux burns.


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