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  1. Bahco Slice Tube Cutter Range




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    Bahco Pipe Slices are automatic tube cutters that fit directly over the pipe and cuts with a simple twist. They are compact in size, making them ideal for work in confined spaces.

    With orange painted zinc body.


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  2. Faithfull Plastic Pipe Cutter Range




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    The combination of a ratchet cutting action and a lopper blade makes the Faithfull Pipe Cutter tool highly effective. The blade works against an anvil jaw which holds the pipe securely while pressure is increased. The ratchet mechanism maintains applied pressure so that the handles only need to be opened and closed approximately three times to complete the cut.

    Suitable for cutting neoprene hose, polythene pipe or fabric reinforced solid rubber up to 42mm outside diameter at right angles to the tube.


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  3. Faithfull Pipe Cutter Wheels Range




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    Spare Wheel for Faithfull Pipe Cutters.
    PCW6001 Compatible with PC316 and PC330
    PCW6002 Compatible with PC50
    PCW6005 and PCW6006 Compatible with PC666


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  4. Blue Spot Tools Pipe Slic Range

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    Quick and easy to use and can be used one-handed in confined spaces which eliminates external burrs. The are manufactured from aluminium alloy steel and supplied with one spare cutter wheel.


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  5. Crescent Wiss Ratchet Pipe Cutters Range




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    The Wiss Ratchet Pipe Cutters are ideal for use in restricted areas and where the hand cannot get. Slip the pipe cutter over the pipe, adjust the head and simply cut the pipe by using a ratcheting action on the handle.

    The head rotates and cuts the pipe.


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  6. Kopex Pipeslices Range




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    Pipeslice is the genuine pipe cutting tool with just a few simple twists of the wrist required! Pipeslice was developed, a single handed, automatically adjusting, plumbing tool for cutting copper pipe easily, quickly and cleanly.

    The practical design allows single handed operation with automatic adjusting and locking-on for ease of use.

    Pipeslice are constructed from zinc and steel and provide a clean cut through copper piping. It fits directly over copper pipe and cuts with a simple twist avoiding pipe damage and external de-burring. Its compact design makes it ideal for use in confined spaces, especially where there is minimal pipe to wall clearance.

    Available in a comprehensive range of sizes including 15, 21, 22 and 28mm.


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  7. Monument Automatic Copper Pipe Cutter Range




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    Monument automatic pipe cutter is ideal for cutting copper pipe in confined spaces. A tough ABS housing covers the steel mechanism which takes any strain. Easy to use it cuts once the gate of the tool is closed over the pipe. Cuts in two directions.

    To ensure long life, occasionally dis-assemble the tool and clean away flux residues and other dirt. NOT for use on stainless steel.

    Replacement Wheel Number MONW15PC.


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  8. Monument Ratchet Handles To Suit Autocuts Range




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    The Monument ratchet handle to suit automatic and autocut pipe cutters.

    Ideal for use when space is limited it fits where hands or pliers cannot.

    Made from bright zinc plated stock.


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  9. Monument Autocut Copper Pipe Cutter Range




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    The Monument Autocut Pipe Cutter has an aluminium body. Its compact size means that it is ideal for work in confined spaces.

    The cutter cuts in one direction to ensure a perfect cutting edge that helps prevent leaks and uneven joints. It will only cut the exact size of copper pipe specified.

    Not for use on stainless steel.


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  10. Monument Trade Copper Pipe Cutter Range




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    The Monument Trade Copper Pipe Cutter is ideal for cutting copper pipe in confined and awkward spaces.

    It is fixed in size, and only suitable for cutting the specified pipe size.


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  11. Monument Plastic Pipe Cutters Range




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    Monument Plastic Pipe Cutter effective on PVC, polybutylene, MDP, polyethylene, HEP20, plastic overflow pipe, plastic electrical conduit, supertube, mini trunking, rubber hose, pneumatic pipe and electrical sleeving.

    Simply place the cutter over the pipe to be cut and gently twist while you depress the handles to get a good clean cut.


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  12. Monument Pipe Cutters Range




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    High quality adjustable, copper pipe cutter tool that ensures a square even cut.
    All parts liable to wear are heat treated.
    For copper, brass, aluminium and polyethylene, the fluted handle contains a spare wheel.
    It also has an integrated pipe-deburrer.

    No.1. Capacity 4 to 28mm.

    Spare wheel number MON273.


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  13. Monument Spare Wheels Range




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    Monument pipe cutter wheels are made from high quality, heat treated steels.


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  14. Irwin Record Spare Wheels & Pins Range




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    IRWIN Record Spares for Tube and Pipe cutters.

    Avalible for the following cutters:

    RECW20030C: Replacement wheel for 200-30C Copper Pipe Cutter.

    RECW102: Replacement wheel with Pin/Circlip for 102 Steel Pipe Cutter.

    RECW202: Replacement wheel with Pin for 202 Pipe Cutter.

    RECW20045: Replacement wheel for 200-45 Pipe Cutter.


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  15. Ridgid Quick-Acting Tube Cutter for Copper Range




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    The RIDGID Quick-Acting Tube Cutters for Copper, feature a quick-acting design, I-beam construction, hardened wear surfaces and thrust bearing slide assemblies for smooth operation.

    The X-CEL Knob cuts tubing more quickly and easily with the larger, more ergonomic design and the X-CEL wheel pin makes changing the cutter wheel quicker using the new ball detent design, with no tools needed and no lost clips.

    Also available in models for plastic pipe.


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Pipe Cutters
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