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Waterpump Multi & Slip Joint Pliers

Waterpump Multi & Slip Joint Pliers
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  1. Channellock Tongue & Groove Pliers Range




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    The Channellock Tongue & Groove Pliers are a versatile utility plier, ideal for objects of all shapes including rods, pipes, hose and connection devices. They have an undercut tongue and groove design that prevents slipping and the right angle, laser heat treated teeth are long lasting and provide a excellent grip.

    The pliers are made from high-carbon C1080 steel for superior performance. This is specially coated for rust prevention. CHANNELLOCK BLUE grips ensure comfortable use.


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  2. Bahco 82 Series Slip Joint Pliers Range




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    Bahco Slip Joint Pliers have been developed according to the scientific ERGO process with outstanding jaw opening and depth with speedy one hand setting. By pressing the unique thumb operated button the parallel jaws can be adjusted in 9 to 13 positions depending on model.

    Plastic coated handles for maximum grip and comfort. Parallel specially hardened jaws, with both flat and pipe grip jaws and phosphated and oil-impregnated finish.


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  3. Bahco 221 D - 225 D Slip Joint Pliers Range




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    Bahco slip joint plier with parallel action jaws with an accurately machined joint which will not slip under load, when used on workpieces of various shapes.

    The pliers are made from high performance alloy steel and have a black, anti-rust finish. They have plastic coated handles for increased comfort in use.

    Parallel, hardened jaws with both flat and pipe gripping jaws. The jaws grip parallel in all positions up to the maximum jaw opening width. Replaceable bolt joint available.


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  4. Blue Spot Tools Heavy-Duty Waterpump Pliers Range

    SKU: PTDGRPBS06428



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    These BlueSpot Waterpump Pliers are manufactured from carbon steel with a heavy-duty goove joint design with a fully polished finish. Fitted with hardened jaws for increased durability, approximately HRC45 - 60 and soft-grip vinyl handles for increased comfort.


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  5. Ridgid Tongue & Groove Pliers Range




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    RIDGID Tongue & Groove (Slip Joint) Pliers feature a flush rivet design which provides a stronger tool and allows access to tighter areas. The pliers have been forged and heat-treated for extended life and durability.

    Professional quality tools, precision crafted for ultimate balance, high strength and exacting performance. They are fitted with cushioned grips that are designed for comfort only. They are NOT intended as insulation against electric shock.


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  6. Ridgid Waterpump Pliers Range




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    The RIDGID Waterpump Pliers are made from extremely durable chrome-vanadium steel and a new jaw design that provides instant grip on pipe so there is no need to continually squeeze both handles.


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  7. Irwin Vise Grip Groovelock Waterpump ProTouch Handle Pliers Range

    SKU: PTDGRPIRW10507627



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    The IRWIN Vise-Grip GrooveLock pliers are designed with twice the groove positions of traditional groove joint pliers to deliver optimal hand and jaw positioning, providing a superior grip.

    The all-purpose jaw grips onto flat, round, hexagon and square workpieces to provide tremendous grip. The quick adjusting Press-n-Slide button quickly adjusts the lower jaw.

    The GrooveLock ProTouch series have grips which are designed for comfort and provide less hand fatigue. AntiPinch prevents the handles from pinching.


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  8. Knipex Cobra Waterpump Pliers - Cushion Grip Range

    SKU: PTDGRPKPX8701180



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    The Knipex 87 01 Cobra Series Waterpump Pliers have automatic adjustment and can be opened and adjusted directly at the workpiece with one hand. These cobra pliers close with a push of a button and provide a good strong grip on any job application.

    The integrated spring of the automatic adjustment is shielded in the handles for user safety and the gripping surfaces have special hardened teeth which are hardened to approx. 61 HRC. They are low wearing but offer a secure gripping action.

    With fine adjustment, which ensures optimum adjustment to differently sized workpieces, user-friendly handle position and a secure catching of the hinge bolt any unintentional shifting in use is avoided. The box-joint design is high in stability and the double guide will hold securely on nuts or bolts without slipping on the workpiece. Low hand force is required.

    These Knipex waterpump pliers have a user friendly guard to prevent the operators fingers being pinched. The pliers are made from strong chrome vanadium electric steel that has been forged and then oil-hardened for added strength and durability. These pliers have PVC dipped handles for user comfort and a positive grip.


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  9. Knipex Alligator Waterpump Pliers Range

    SKU: PTDGRPKPX8801180



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    The Knipex 88 01 Series Alligator water pump pliers with dipped PVC handles and a box joint design prevents slipping from the workpiece. The gripping surfaces have special hardened teeth to approx. 61 HRC offering high wear resistance and stable gripping. They are made from chrome vanadium electric steel, that has been oil hardened.

    They offer more output and comfort compared to conventional water pump pliers of the same length and have a 9-notch adjustment positioning for 30 % more gripping capacity. The slim design of the head and joint area provide good access to the work piece and self-locking on pipes and nuts means no slipping on the work piece and low hand force required.

    Alligator water pump pliers have a robust construction, insensitive to dirt. Particularly suitable for outdoor work. The guard prevents operators fingers being pinched.


    88 01 180: Hex: 36mm, Pipe: 42mm.
    88 01 250: Hex: 46mm, Pipe: 50mm.
    88 01 300: Hex: 60mm, Pipe: 70mm.
    88 01 400: Hex: 95mm, Pipe: 90mm.


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  10. Knipex 86 03 Series Plier Wrenches Range

    SKU: PTDGRPKPX8603180



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    The Knipex 86 03 Series plier wrench with dipped PVC handles and smooth parallel jaws for cautious installation of plated fittings or sensitive surfaces. More effective, faster and greater capacity than an adjustable spanner of the same size.

    Highly suitable for gripping, holding, pressing and bending workpieces. Fast adjustment at the touch of a button with the tool on the workpiece. Lever ratio greater than 10-1 for strong gripping power.

    86 03 125: 11 Adjustments, Capacity: 23mm.
    86 03 150: 14 Adjustments, Capacity: 27mm.
    86 03 180: 13 Adjustments, Capacity: 35mm.
    86 03 250: 17 Adjustments, Capacity: 46mm.
    86 03 300: 22 Adjustments, Capacity: 60mm.


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  11. Knipex Plier Wrenches - Multi-Component Grip Range

    SKU: PTDGRPKPX8605180



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    The Knipex pliers are highly suitable for gripping, holding, pressing and bending workpieces. Also for the careful installation of finished surface fittings, also applicable for tile breaking.

    The parallel smooth jaws, box joint gives fast adjustment at the touch of a button with the tool on the workpiece. The action of the jaw allows screw unions to be tightened and released quickly using the ratchet priciple. Lever ratio greater than 10-1 for strong gripping power and they come in 3 size versions: 27mm, 35mm and 46mm capacity.

    Head nickel plated.
    Handles two colour two component.
    Capacity: KPX8605150 27mm
    KPX8605180 35mm
    KPX8605250 46mm


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  12. Knipex Cobra Quickset Waterpump Pliers PVC Grips Range

    SKU: PTDGRPKPX8721250



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    Knipex 87 Series Cobra Quickset Hightech Waterpump Pliers are made from high-grade vanadium special tool steel, that has been forged and then oil-hardened, for a longer, robust working life. They combine the proven, reliable locking of the hinge bolt with an additional push function which makes it easier to work in very confined and inaccessible areas.

    The adjustment directly on the workpiece is possible by simply sliding the pliers handle. They offer reliable locking of the hinge bolt with the first workload. The gripping width of the pliers is then fixed and can only be adjusted by pressing the button. To re-activate the sliding function, the hinge bolt must be released by pressing the push button and the pliers must be completely opened again.

    Available with PVC or Multi-Component grips.

    Pipe Capacities R = Round H = Hex & Adustments;
    87 21 250: R: 50mm, H: 46mm, 25 Adjustments.
    87 21 300: R: 70mm, H: 60mm, 25 Adjustments.
    87 22 250: R: 50mm, H: 46mm, 25 Adjustments.


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  13. Stanley FatMax Slip Joint Pliers Range

    SKU: PTDGRPSTA084645



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    Chrome steel alloy forgings, fully hardened and tempered.

    Induction hardened jaws push lock adjustment button.

    Ergonomic bi-material handles provide a comfortable and controlled grip.


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  14. Stanley FatMax Groove Joint Pliers Range

    SKU: PTDGRPSTA084647



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    The Stanley FatMax Multi-Grip Groove Joint Pliers feature a push lock adjustment button, and ergonomic bi-material handles, providing a comfortable controlled grip. Drop forged, induction hardened jaws. 17 button locked positions ensure they fit a wide variety of nuts and fittings. Optimised jaw geometry for multiple gripping applications.


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  15. Irwin Vise Grip Groove Joint Pliers Range

    SKU: PTDGRPVIS10505498



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    IRWIN Vise-Grip groove joint pliers have an all-purpose jaw that can grip onto flat, round, hex and square work pieces.

    The multi-groove ratcheting system has twice the number of groove positions compared to traditional groove joint pliers.

    Press-n-slide button adjusts the jaws 2x faster than traditional groove joint pliers.

    Anti-pinch non-slip ProTouch grips provide control, comfort, and less hand fatigue.


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Waterpump Multi & Slip Joint Pliers
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