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  1. Faithfull Polyethylene Brick Lines - Spool Range
    These lines are normally used for giving a straight edge for laying bricks etc.... Learn More

    Prices From £2.83 £2.36

  2. Footprint 620 Line Pin Range
    The Footprint 620 Line Pins are made from drop forged, hardened steel with a chrome plated finish. Designed for use when building a wall. Use in... Learn More

    Prices From £2.84 £2.37

  3. Faithfull Plumb Bobs Range
    This Faithfull heavy steel bodied plumb bob has a pointed end to assist when marking out and is available in two weights. A centre and cross hole... Learn More

    Prices From £3.94 £3.28

  4. Trend Digital Angle Rules Range
    This Trend digital angle rule calculates angles quickly and accurately and is ideal for woodworking, construction and machining. The rule is made from... Learn More

    Prices From £22.28 £18.57

  5. Starrett 505 Pro Site Protractors Range
    The Starrett Prosite Protractor takes the error-prone calculations out of the process of mitre cuts. Simply set your saw to the angle that you read.... Learn More

    Prices From £55.12 £45.93

  6. Irwin Strait Line Crayons Range
    For use on oily, slick, wet, cold or dry surfaces, this non-toxic, waterproof crayon is ideal for timber, concrete, ceramics and metal.... Learn More

    Prices From £0.84 £0.70

  7. Irwin Strait Line Carpenters Pencils Range
    Carpenters pencils with medium lead hardness for versatility. A traditional rectangular profile prevents the pencil from rolling away during site... Learn More

    Prices From £0.84 £0.70

  8. Irwin Strait Line Chalk Powder Refills 8oz Range
    Chalk re-fill for chalk line reels. Size: 227gm (8oz).... Learn More

    Prices From £3.91 £3.26

  9. Stanley FatMax XL Square Bottle Chalk Refills 225 Grms Range
    Powder specially formulated for good adhesion and high visibility. Waterproof non-clumping so can still be used if soaked with water. Suitable for for... Learn More

    Prices From £4.97 £4.14

  10. Stanley Quick Square Range
    The Stanley Dual Colour Quick Square is made from extra thick ABS plastic that can withstand heavy-duty use. The large base provides a strong grip on... Learn More

    Prices From £10.26 £8.55

  11. Stanley Chalk Powder Refills 1000 Grms Range
    Powdered chalk for refilling chalk line reels. Food Grade Calcium Carbonate Chalk, colour fast and resistant to damp conditions. The twist lock cap on... Learn More

    Prices From £9.85 £8.21

  12. Stanley Chalk Powder Refills Range
    Powdered chalk in container with easy pouring spout. For use in chalk reels.... Learn More

    Prices From £2.95 £2.46

  13. Stanley 5025 Sliding Bevels Range
    Shock-resistant plastic moulded stock with accurately machined face.Hardened blued steel sliding blade.Chrome plated metal locking lever to secure... Learn More

    Prices From £12.08 £10.07

  14. RST Beechwood Carpenters Squares Range
    This R.S.T. traditional Try Square has a beechwood handle with a brass edge. The blade is made from strong blued steel. Made in the UK.... Learn More

    Prices From £10.28 £8.57

  15. RST Rosewood Carpenters Try Squares Range
    This R.S.T. Carpenters Try Square is made from high quality Rosewood with brass edges. The blade is made from strong blued steel. Made in the UK.... Learn More

    Prices From £19.30 £16.08

  16. Ragni Line Pins Range
    Manufactured from solid forged carbon steel, hardened and tempered, nickel plated, polished to a bright finish. Used by builders for aligning courses... Learn More

    Prices From £5.48 £4.57

  17. Monument Steel Plumb Bobs Range
    Monument Steel bodied plumb bob with facility for attaching to line. Bright zinc plated.... Learn More

    Prices From £4.44 £3.70

  18. Monument Brass Plumb Bobs Range
    Monument Brass Plumb Bob that has a solid brass body with steel point and a hole for attachment to a line.... Learn More

    Prices From £10.06 £8.38

  19. Markal Valve Action Paint Markers Range
    Markal Valve Action Paint Markers, which requires very little pressure to release the specially formulated spirit based opaque paint from the metal... Learn More

    Prices From £5.89 £4.91

  20. Markal Ball Paint Markers Range
    Markal Ball Paint Markers are very commonly used by welders, metal fabricators and in factories where tools, rolls, dies, bins and metal parts are... Learn More

    Prices From £8.46 £7.05

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Marking Tools
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