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  1. Bahco 9574 Aluminium Sliding Bevel Range

    SKU: PTDGRPBAH9574200



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    The Bahco Sliding Bevel is adjustable to any angle. Has a wing nut on bottom of handle that locks and releases the bevel.

    It has a stainless steel blade with aluminum handle.

    Wing nut made out of steel in steel thread to avoid wear.


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  2. Bahco 9048 Aluminium Block & Steel Try Square Range

    SKU: PTDGRPBAH9048200



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    Bahco Aluminium Block & Steel Try Square in the traditional shape, with 90 and 45 angle guides.

    Removable indicator on blade makes it easier to sign the exact measurement on the workpiece.

    Stainless steel blade with 0.1/100mm accuracy.


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  3. Faithfull Combination Squares Range




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    Multi-purpose combination square for use in both wood and metalworking applications. Each square features a high quality cast and machined sliding stock, fitted with a stainless steel rule engraved with both imperial and metric graduations, a spirit level and marking scribe.

    The Faithfull combination square has at least 10 different uses including:-
    Measuring rule with metric and imperial scale, 90 inside square, 90 outside square, 135 inside square, 45 inside square, horizontal level, vertical level, T-square slide, marking gauge and depth gauge.


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  4. Faithfull Hi-Vis Nylon Brick Lines Range




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    Faithfull Hi-vis nylon brick line stands out and is easy to find on site or in a toolbox.


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  5. Bahco 9045-B Try Square Range

    SKU: PTDGRPBAH9045B200



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    Bahco B Series Try Square is punched out of quality steel in a single piece for true 90 precision. For accurate marking of 45 and 90 angles.

    Remains well balanced and stable when placed on the surface. Easy-to-read scale on both sides, and has a rust-protected black finish.


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  6. Faithfull Folding Squares Range




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    The Faithfull Folding Square is a heavy-duty aluminium construction folding square with 90 and 45 angles for greater versatility. Ideal for use when laying floors, patios and for other similar building work where measuring accuracy is a major consideration. Quick and easy to fold and comes complete with a carry case.

    Supplied with carry case.


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  7. Blackedge Carpenters Pencils Range




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    Blackedge carpenters pencils of oblong section which can be sharpened to a chisel shaped edge. This eliminates the tendency of a pointed pencil to follow the grain.

    Available in three grades -

    Green (hard). For Hardwoods, Brickwork and Plastered walls
    Red (medium). For General Carpentry
    Blue (soft). For Softwoods and newly felled timber


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  8. Faithfull Carpenters Pencils Range




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    The Faithfulll Carpenters Pencils lay down a clear visible line irrespective of surface or grain. With the exception of some metals and polished or glazed surfaces, almost any material can be marked out with these carpenters pencils.

    The pencil has flat sides to prevent it from rolling away. There are three colour coded grades of hardness to cater for different surfaces.

    Supplied in a pack of three.


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  9. Faithfull Sliding Bevels Range




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    Quality hardwood stock, finely machined and shaped with brass end caps.

    The blued spring steel blade can be locked in position by means of a brassed wing nut.


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  10. Faithfull Carpenters Try Squares Range




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    Best quality hardwood stocks with blued spring steel blades.
    Brass faced to ensure accuracy and to provide protection against damage.
    The blade is securely fixed in place by solid rivets for long lasting durability.


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