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Saw & Chainsaw Files

Saw & Chainsaw Files
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  1. Bahco Double Ended Saw File Handled Range


    Bahco Double Ended Saw File for general purpose saw sharpening with both ends having second cut teeth. Single cut teeth on all sides. Fitted with an ERGO type handle.


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  2. Bahco Extra Slim Taper Saw File Range


    Triangular, with edges tapering towards the point.
    Surfaces and edges single cut.

    For sharpening all types of saw with fine cross toothing.

    Second cut.


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  3. Bahco Slim Taper Saw File Range


    Bahco Slim Taper Saw File, has a triangular shape with edges tapering toward the point. The surfaces and edges single cut. For sharpening all types of saws with fine cross toothing.

    Available only in second cut.

    Size: 150mm (6in).


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  4. DMT FC Diamond Chainsaw Files Range


    Used correctly, this diamond chainsaw file will last a long time and increase the life of a chainsaw blade. Often only one or two light strokes are sufficient to put a sharp edge back on the blade. Blue Coarse Grit.


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  5. Bahco Chainsaw File Range


    Smooth single cut teeth for sharpening round hooded chain saw teeth.

    Safe point and special tooth construction for rapid cutting.


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  6. Faithfull Chainsaw Files Range


    Faithfull Chainsaw Files are ideal for sharpening round hooked chainsaw teeth. They are perfect for professional and frequent DIY use and fitted with a comfortable handle.

    Supplied in a blister pack.


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  7. Crescent Nicholson Round Chainsaw Files Range


    Single cut teeth for sharpening round-hooded chain saw teeth.

    Safe point and efficient tooth design.


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  8. Crescent Nicholson Double Ender Saw Files Range


    Triangular, untanged, edges tapering towards both ends. The surfaces and edges are single cut from both points towards the centre.
    Handle included.

    For sharpening saws with 60 angle.

    No tang but tapered at each end and supplied with a plastic handle.

    Single cut teeth.


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  9. Crescent Nicholson Extra Slim Taper Saw Files Range


    A single ended triangular saw file, single cut. For dovetail sharpening and other fine toothed saws


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  10. Crescent Nicholson Taper Saw Files Range


    For filing all types of handsaws with 60 angle teeth.
    Straight set edges for filing gullets between saw teeth.


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  11. Crescent Nicholson Slim Taper Saw Files Range


    A single ended triangular saw file, single cut. For general saw sharpening and for sharpening dovetail and other fine toothed saws.


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Saw & Chainsaw Files
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