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Digital & Infrared Thermometers

Digital & Infrared Thermometers
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  1. Black and Decker TLD100 Thermal Leak Detector AS148LK



    The Black & Decker TLD100 Thermal Leak Detector will help to identify both hot and cold draughts around your home. It has a large LED display thats show the temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. The detector automatically switches between shining a blue light for cooler leaks, or a red one for hotter targets. Powered by a single 9V alkaline battery that sits neatly into the handle where the switch is located.

    Allows you to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. Ideal for those concerned about the effects of global warming.


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  2. Ridgid HM-100 Micro Humidity & Temperature Meter 37438 37438



    The Ridgid HM-100 Micro Humidity and Temperature Meter is a professional and easy to use device for accurately measuring air humidity and temperature. Both measured values (%RH and C or F) are instantly and simultaneously displayed on the dual backlit LCD.

    The HM-100 also automatically calculates the Dew Point and Wet Bulb temperature, while its Capacitance Sensor easily withstands the effects of condensation and high temperatures, making it perfectly suitable for any HVAC environment.

    Supplied with a soft carrying case, and 9V battery.


    Power Source: 9V battery (included).
    Measurements: Humidity, temperature, dew point, wet-bulb.
    Humidity Range: 0% to 100% RH.
    Humidity Accuracy: 2% RH.
    Temp. Range: -30C - 100C.
    Temp. Accuracy: 0.5C.
    Response Time: 30 seconds.
    Data Hold: Yes.
    Auto Power-Off: Yes, after 15 minutes (can be disabled).


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  3. DeWalt DCT414N Infrared Thermometer 10.8V Bare Unit DCT414N-XJ



    The DEWALT DCT414 10.8V Infrared Thermometer. It offers accurate non-contact temperature measurements (-30C to 550C) for ease of use over distance. It has an LED indicator (hot=red and cold=blue) for visual and/or audio alarm for quickly locating trouble spots and data storage for recording max., min., and average temperatures. It has adjustable emissivity which improves accuracy across a wide range of materials.

    Applications: Plumbing, HVAC, automotive repair work, and maintenance.

    Supplied as a Bare Unit, No Battery or Charger.


    Temperature Range: -30C to 550C
    Emissivity: 0.1-1
    Field of View; Distance: Spot (D:S) 12:1.
    Accuracy: 1.5% or 1.5 C*
    Laser: Class II <1mW
    Weight: 0.5kg

    * Whichever is greater, assumes ambient mm/m


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  4. Faithfull Digital Thermometer ETP109



    A Faithfull high-precision digital electronic thermometer, for use in both industrial and domestic applications where accurate temperature readings are required. Ideal for use in laboratories for temperature testing and monitoring and essential for use when preparing cooked foods such as meat, poultry, infant milk and many other foods when accurate temperature readings are necessary.

    This thermometer can be set for either Celsius or Fahrenheit measurement, maximum or minimum readings and has a useful data hold facility. The easy-clean stainless steel probe features a sharp point with a Slimline design allowing effortless penetration of meats and provides a fast response time when taking readings. The large LCD digital display is easy to read and has an automatic power off function when not in use. The thermometer is supplied in with a probe cover for safe storage when not in use.

    Clear easy-to-read LCD display.
    Celsius or Fahrenheit readout.
    Data hold facility.
    Stainless Steel slimline easy clean probe.
    1.5V LR44 battery included.
    Pocket size.
    Automatic power off function.
    Probe cover for safe storage.

    Measuring Range (Probe): Celsius Temperature: -40C to 250C.
    Fahrenheit Temperature: -40F to 482F.
    Operating Temperature: 0C (32F) to 50C (122F).


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  5. Laserliner ClimaCheck - Digital Humidity & Temperature 082.028A

    The Laserliner ClimaCheck is a digital device that measures relative humidity and ambient temperature. It can be used as a tabletop device with its fold-out stand/clip. It also features an integrated magnetic holder and has a digital display with min/max values.

    Supplied with 1 x AAA battery.

    Ambient temperature measuring range: 0-50C.
    Temperature accuracy: 1C.
    Relative air humidity measuring range: 20-99%rH.
    Humidity accuracy: 5%rH.


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  6. Laserliner ThermoSpot One - Infrared Temperature Meter 082.038A

    The Laserliner ThermoSpot One is a non-contact infrared device which is ideal for taking surface temperature measurements of all types of materials. It is ideal for pipes, radiators, liquids and hazardous areas such as moving machine parts or live electrical installations.

    The thermometer has a focusing laser for precise targeting and a hold function which displays the last temperature on the digital LED display. Measured values can be changed to either Centigrade or Fahrenheit. Supplied with 2 x AAA batteries.

    Temperature Range: -38 to 365C.
    Accuracy 2.5%.


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  7. Stanley Digital Infrared Thermometer STHT0-77365



    The Stanley Intelli Tools Digital Infrared Thermometer is accurate to within 3 with a wavelength between 630-660nm and a temperature range of -38C to +520C. This large range allows users to effectively complete their desired tasks. With a high contrast, back lit display for visibility in all light conditions and an IP20 casing that provides protection against dust, increasing its working life.

    Features thermal leak detection, from a reference temperature (green screen). Scanning an area will show a red screen for high temperature and blue screen for low temperature. Its 8:1 spot ratio allows for users to measure a 32cm circle from 2.5m distance. Emissivity 0,95, covers all thermal radiation emission of most materials.

    Powered by 2 x AA batteries which are supplied.


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  8. Arctic Hayes 3 In 1 Thermometer 998724



    The Arctic Hayes 3 In 1 Thermometer is a pipe, infrared and stem thermometer, all in 1 instrument. Select measurement in C or F with a response time less than 1 second. The clamp opens to a max of 1in (25mm) approx. Other features include: max/min record, data hold & automatic power off function.


    IR Temp. Range Temperature Range: -35C to +260C/-31F to 500F.
    IR Temperature Resolution: 0.1C/F.
    Optical Resolution 1:1 Distance to Spot Size.
    Thermistor Temperature Range: -40C to +260C/-40F to 500F.
    Resolution: 0.1C/F
    Basic Accuracy: 2% of Readings.


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  9. Arctic Hayes Digital Thermo-Anemometer 998783



    The Arctic Hayes Digital Thermo-Anemometer is easy to use and produces highly sensitive and accurate results. With a 3.1/2 digit dual display that measures: m/s, km/hr and Knots and shows results in C or F. Also offers a K Type Temperature function.


    Accuracy: 3.0%.
    Temp Range: 0-60C/32-140F.
    Resolution: 0.1.


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  10. Ridgid Micro IR-200 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer 36798



    The RIDGID Micro IR-200 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer provides simple, quick and accurate surface temperature readings at the push of a button. Simply squeeze the trigger and point the ultra-sharp dual class II lasers at the surface being measured. Ultra-Sharp Dual Class II Lasers easily identify the surface area being measured.

    Has a 30 to 1 Distance To Spot Ratio, this allows you to take more accurate measurements from a farther distance. With adjustable emissivity to accurately measure the temperature of virtually any surface. Uses audible and visual, high and low alarms to quickly alert user to temperatures outside of the ranges that are set. It has a bright backlit display which can be toggled on in poorly lit areas and can be mounted on a tripod for repeatable, precise temperature measurements.


    Temperature Range: -50 to 1200C (-58 to 2192F),
    Distance To Spot Ratio: 30 to 1.
    Response Time: <150ms.
    Temperature Display: Current Temperature & MAX Temperature.
    Measurement Units: Fahrenheit & Celsius.
    Power Source: 1 x 9 Volt Battery (Included).
    Weight: 0.20kg.


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Digital & Infrared Thermometers
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