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  1. Stanley Moisture Meter 0-77-030

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    The Stanley Intelli Level Moisture Meter gives a % moisture reading based on electrical resistance across two pins. LCD screen with dual measurement bar graph. Measures moisture in wood: 6-44%, and other building materials: 0.2-2%.

    Power: 3 x Button Cell batteries (supplied).


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  2. Faithfull Damp & Moisture Meter LCD Display EM4806


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    A Faithfull small pocket sized damp and moisture meter that can be used to measure the moisture content in timber, paper, cardboard and hard materials such as mortar, concrete and plaster.
    The moisture content is displayed as a percentage reading on the LCD digital display that is equipped with a backlit function for use in dark environments. The meter can also be used to measure the ambient temperature and is compact, portable and easy to use. The meter is supplied in with a probe cover for safe storage when not in use.

    Clear easy to read LCD display.
    Accurate moisture measurement.
    Works on hard and soft materials.
    Auto power-off.
    Low battery indication.
    4 x LR44 Batteries included.
    Probe cover for safe storage.

    Measurement Range:
    Wood: 6-42%, Material: 0.2-2.0%, Temperature: 0-40C.
    Wood: 1%, Material: 0.1%, Temperature: 1C/2F.


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  3. Faithfull Portable Water Leak Alarm (80 dB) EW13


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    Water leaks can cause serious damage to your home and belongings, proving expensive and time consuming to replace or repair.

    This Faithfull portable alarm can be used to protect your house and can be placed anywhere in the home where a water leak presents a potential risk; near to sinks, baths, toilets, washing machines, dishwashers, water heaters, refrigerators, aquariums, tanks, sump pumps and in garages and basements or low areas were water may gather with the potential of causing damage.
    A loud 80 decibel alarm will sound when this unit is in contact with water, providing an audible warning that a leak has begun and alerting the homeowner, so that preventative measures can be taken to protect their home and belongings.

    Portable and easy to set up and use.
    Loud 80 decibel alarm.
    No wiring required.
    1 x 12V 23A alkaline battery included.

    Place the unit in a desired position with its buzzer hole facing upwards, otherwise water may enter into the unit. When a water leak is detected by the sensor, the units alarm will sound.


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  4. Laserliner DampFinder Compact - Damp Meter 082.015A

    SKU: PTDL/L082015A

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    The Laserliner DampFinder Compact is a universal device for ascertaining moisture in building materials and for quick checks when working with wood. It has a triple scale for wood groups A (beech, linden, willow, ebony) and B (pedunculate oak, maple, alder, spruce, birch, ash) and universal index mode. It is suitable for use on aerated concrete, anhydrite screed, cement screed, chalky sandstone, concrete (C12/15, C20/25, C30/37) and gypsum plaster.

    The DampFinder Compact has a simple to use, one button operation with a large clear LCD screen showing both numerical and graphical bar display. Its protective cap not only protects the pins in transit but also offers a self-test calibration function.

    Supplied with 4 x AAA batteries.

    Measuring range/accuracy:
    Wood: A: 5-30%, 1%, B: 30-50%,2%.
    Other materials: 0.5%.


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  5. Laserliner DampCheck - Damp Meter 082.003A

    SKU: PTDL/L082003A

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    The Laserliner DampCheck is a compact moisture measuring device. It is ideal for checking the dryness in timber and checking the moisture content within building materials. It has an LED wet/dry indicator with 3 colours (green = dry, yellow = moist, red = wet), which provide immediate information about the tested materials degree of moisture or dryness.

    The DampCheck also measures the ambient temperature.

    Supplied with 4 x LR44 batteries and a protective cap.

    Temperature range: 0-40C.
    Max relative humidity: 85%.
    Accuracy wood: 2%.
    Accuracy building material: 0.5%.


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