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  1. Bessey EHZ-2K Powergrip Clamp Range
    From: £34.51

    The one-handed clamp EHZ - full power with just one hand

    This extremely sturdy original BESSEY one-handed clamp EHZ is perfect for all work that needs to be carried out with one hand e.g. for overhead tasks, or if a further tool needs to be used at the same time for aligning purposes. Not only does the one-handed clamp allow you to hold or fix in place with just one hand, it also allows you to clamp just as powerfully as ever. That means you save both manpower and time.

    Clamp and fix in place quickly and simply with just one hand.

    Your benefits at a glance:

    1 Parallel handle with pump lever.
    The ergonomically shaped handle with pump lever runs parallel to the rail. That way, balanced, safe handling is always guaranteed.

    2 Rapid move button.
    This button allows you to move the sliding arm at any time, quickly and with minimum effort.

    3 Plastic pressure caps
    The removable plastic caps provide a nonmarring soft-touch for use with wood and finished metal surfaces.

    4 Versatility.
    Fixed arm and pressure plate are produced and tempered from a single piece of high quality BESSEY steel. Clamping is resilient and elastic.


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  2. Bessey UK Uniklamp Range
    From: £17.16

    Ideal for sensitive workpieces and right angles.

    The large, perfectly parallel jaw faces are characteristic of the original BESSEY K-body clamp. They allow easy clamping and spreading of sensitive surfaces and right angles. Also round and pointed workpieces. And the best thing is: thanks to their extra-large contact surfaces, the original BESSEY K-body clamp are universally applicable even behind and to the side of the high-quality profiled rail. This allows you to clamp in locations that conventional screw clamps are unable to reach. Thats guaranteed! The K-body clamp holds workpieces exactly parallel.

    Parallel jaw faces with extra-large contact surfaces.
    Clamping of various shapes, along the whole length of the rail.
    Universally applicable.
    Light and easy-to-handle.
    No need for tools for switching between clamping and spreading.

    Your benefits at a glance:
    1 Parallel jaw faces.
    The large, planar jaw faces made from impact and fracture-resistant reinforced polyamide are exactly parallel. For gentle clamping of a very wide range of different shapes over the entire length of the rail, without spacers.

    2 High-quality profiled rail.
    The BESSEY hollow profile rail from our own drawing plant has been especially optimised for clamps. The profile acts as a reliable reinforcement against torsional forces, while the serration prevents the clamp from slipping.

    3 Removable end stop.
    The end stop made from impact-resistant polyamide also gives the clamp added support. It can be removed without any tools, to allow the lower arm to be quickly turned around and used for spreading.


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  3. Faithfull Aluminium Quick-Release Sash Clamps Range
    From: £12.24

    These Faithfull clamps offer a low cost alternative for light to medium-duty clamping tasks.

    Constructed from a U box section aluminium extruded bar and fitted with a cast head and foot, the construction design makes these clamps both lightweight and strong.

    The quick-release slide enables the clamping capacity to be changed in an instant, with adjustment slots situated at 25mm (1in) increments along the bar.

    Deep cut Acme threads on the mainscrew and a tommy bar combine to provide a quick and powerful clamping action.


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  4. Bahco QCB Better Clamp Range
    From: £20.00

    The QCB series of Quick Clamps feature a variable speed mechanism which makes it easier to reach high clamping forces quickly. The head is reversible enabling the clamp to be converted to a spreader and incorporates removable contact pads with V groove to secure irregular objects.
    Maximum clamping pressure 200 Kg.


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  5. Bahco QCG Good Clamp Range
    From: £13.21

    The QCG series of clamps feature a small, shaped handle incorporating an easy access release mechanism, enabling improved access into confined spaces. The head is reversible and is fitted with non-marking V groove pads. Maximum clamping force 125 Kg.


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  6. Faithfull T Bar Clamps Range
    From: £22.43

    Faithfull robust clamp for heavy-duty applications with the option of fitting to a workbench.

    The extra heavy T bar construction and large malleable SG iron clamping heads and stock are virtually unbreakable and make this clamp extremely durable.

    The high grade spring steel mainscrew incorporates an Acme thread for wear resistance.

    The entire clamp is protected by a rust-resistant powder coating.


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  7. Faithfull Hobbyists Clamps Range
    From: £1.54

    The Faithfull Hobbyists Clamp has a slim compact section design that is an advantage in a limited space. The high quality cast body provides strength and durability. The handle, screw and swivel pad are plated to resist rust. Ideal for the craftsman or DIY enthusiast.


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  8. Faithfull G Clamps - Medium Duty Range
    From: £2.96

    The Faithfull G Clamp is made from malleable SG iron, making it suitable for a wide variety of metalworking and woodworking applications.
    Accurately machined spindles provide a smooth operation and maximum clamping pressure. The frames have a powder coated finish for increased resistance to corrosion.


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  9. Bessey GMZ-2K Omega All Steel Screwclamp Range
    From: £16.97

    Unique, patented OMEGA bend.

    The innovative OMEGA screw clamp is produced entirely from BESSEY precision steel. A lightweight screw clamp that is both extremely easy-to-handle, and exceptionally robust. But the real innovation is its unique, patented OMEGA bend. This allows increased deflection of the fixed jaw, adding lateral tension to the screw resulting in considerable reduction in the resonant frequency. That means that, even when vibrations are present, this clamp will maintain its clamping pressure longer than a conventional screw.

    High-quality 2-component plastic handle.
    Pressure plates may be changed without tools.
    Universally applicable within the fields of wood and metal processing.

    Your benefits at a glance:
    1 Innovative OMEGA bend.
    The patented OMEGA bend gives you added safety. It means you lose even less clamping pressure, even when vibrations are present.

    2 Versatility.
    Fixed arm and pressure plate are produced and tempered from a single piece of high quality BESSEY steel. Clamping is resilient and elastic.

    3 Close flat clamping.
    The OMEGA bend applies the rail absolutely flat to the surface of the work piece. This allows clamping right into the corners.

    4 BESSEY Best-Comfort-System.
    With BESSEY Best-Comfort-System, all applications and tasks are well within your grasp. Pressure plates can be changed quickly without the need for tools, to make BESSEY comfort still more inviting.


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  10. Carver T290 Medium-Duty Rack Clamp Range
    From: £133.09

    The Carver Medium-Duty Rack Clamps have a variety of uses. The most common include welding, metal fabrication, moulding box and die holding, plate fabrication, plastic and fibreglass moulding and maintenance work.


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