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Specialist Flooring Tools

Specialist Flooring Tools
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  1. Vitrex Laminate Cutter 800100

    SKU: PTDVIT800100

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    The Vitrex 80 0100 Laminate Cutter is guaranteed to provide quick and easy cuts for all laminate flooring up to 200mm (8in) wide and 12mm (15/32in) deep. The simple cutting process helps to speed up the installation.

    Easy to use, the blade speeds accurately through cuts. The V-support ensures the laminate panels are held level and secure during the cut. The long life blade requires no maintenance. Cuts at 90 and produces a clean and professional finish.


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  2. Faithfull Knee Kicker Carpet Stretcher 470-545mm KNEEKICK


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    The Faithfull FAIKNEEKICK knee kicker is an essential tool for the professional carpet layer providing an easy means to push and stretch carpet into place ensuring a perfect fit every time.

    The kicker features a telescopic tubular steel push rod adjustable from 470-545mm to suit the users preference which is also useful for working in confined spaces. The gripper head is die-cast for extra strength and features robust steel teeth and adjustable gripper teeth with 7-height settings to allow for variations on carpet thickness. The carpet stretcher is fitted with a protective skirting board buffer, a padded handle grip and a thick knee pad for user comfort.


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  3. Edma Straticut Vario Laminate / MDF Guillotine 0899

    SKU: PTDEDM0899


    Edma Straight Vario Laminate / MDF Guillotine is perfect for straight cuts, in length and angled cuts, up to 90 in laminate flooring. It leaves a neat cut without damaging the laminate layer. It doesnt require re sharpening, no noise and no breathable dust is left behind.

    Comes with protective felt pads, 1 mini trestle for long boards, 1 waste collector, and removable board stopper for 210 mm cut.

    Maximum Cut: Straight: 320mm, Angled: 210mm.
    Maximum Thickness: 15mm.
    Weight: 12.45kg.


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  4. Edma Straticut Laminate Flooring Guillotine 0890

    SKU: PTDEDM0890


    Laminate/MDF flooring guillotine. Cuts neatly without tearing the laminate layer.

    No breathable dust. Noise free. Does not need sharpening.

    Maximum cutting width: 210mm.

    Maximum cutting thickness: 10mm.

    Trestle rest for long boards.

    Includes waste collector.


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  5. Edma Multicoup Extra Universal Cutting Tool 0710

    SKU: PTDEDM0710


    Mitre shears with variable angle cuts for use on decorative moulding, wooden skirting boards, rubber seals and PVC section.

    Length: 240mm.
    Weight: 422g.

    Special features:
    Ergonomic design with special softgrip handles.
    Opening latch.
    Eliminates the need for a mitre box.


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  6. Bessey AV2 Adjustable Flooring Spacer (Pack of 4) AV2


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    The Bessey AV2 Spacer is designed for laying parquet, laminated and panel flooring without any wedges.

    Spacer for floating laminate and parquet flooring installations.
    Wide contact and support area for avoiding pressure points on the
    floorboards and plaster.
    Easy to remove by simply turning back.
    Very light and compact.


    1 Clever dial Set up is fast and simple. Inserted between the wall and the first row of flooring, the distance to the wall can be set simply by turning the red dial. When the installation work is finished, the spacer is easy to remove; just rotate the dial to release the pressure.
    2 Wide contact and support surface - Simply put, the pressure points on the wall and the flooring are avoided. There is no danger of the aid slipping or tilting as can happen with wedges or blocks when working with the BESSEY spacer.
    3 Exact millimetre scale. Wall surface irregularities of 5 to 20 mm can be compensated for easily. The exact distance required for spacing can be readily seen on the millimetre scale.
    4 Robust in the size of a business card. Manufactured from impact and break resistant, glass fibre reinforced polyamide, the spacer is light and tough and should last for years.

    Spacer AV2.

    Each pack contains 4 spacers.


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  7. Bessey SVH400 Strap Flooring Tool SVH400


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    The Bessey SVH400 is ideal for floor coverings such as wood and cork parquet, laminated and panel flooring, which are stylish and fashionable.

    BESSEY has developed a range of specialist clamping tools that make the laying of these sought after floor coverings easier and more efficient.

    For laying parquet, laminated and panel flooring.

    Length: 4.0m
    Band size: 25mm x 1mm
    Jaw Width : 120mm


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  8. Roughneck Laminate Flooring Cutter 36-010

    SKU: PTDROU36010

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    The Roughneck Laminate Flooring Cutter is a sturdy product offering a fast, dust and noise free alternative to a power or handsaw for laminate flooring. All metal construction with guillotine action blade. It can provide a clean cut at 90 on 150mm (6in) or 200mm (8in) boards up to 11mm (7/16in) thick.


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  9. Roughneck Knocking Block 36-050

    SKU: PTDROU36050

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    The Roughneck Knocking Block is made from strong nylon and is used for knocking laminate and timber flooring together to ensure a perfect fit. Heavy-duty with a large handle. Large size ensures even pushing and will not damage the wood panels being fitted.

    Size: ;55 x 480mm.


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  10. Roughneck Heavy-Duty Pull Bar 64-450

    SKU: PTDROU64450

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    The Roughneck Heavy-Duty Pull Bar is a very well designed and strong tool it has a large flange to rest against the panel and a striking face protected by a nylon cap. Underneath is fully covered by soft felt to protect wood surfaces from scratches, scuffs or other damage.

    Bevelled end tip to allow prying for either lifting panels or pulling the last row tighter together.


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  11. Roughneck Gap Spacers 36-040

    SKU: PTDROU36040

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    Roughneck gap spacers are essential accessories when fitting laminate or hardwood flooring. They are wedge shaped, so by placing 2 against each other and sliding along, a combined thickness of between 4-10mm can be achieved.

    Pack of 50.


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Specialist Flooring Tools
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