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Weedkiller Feed Seed & Propagators

Weedkiller Feed Seed & Propagators
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  1. Vitax Growmore Range




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    Vitax Growmore is a general purpose fertiliser for use all round the garden and greenhouse. It is a highly effective fertiliser, specially designed for strong healthy plant growth. Containing the three major plant nutrients Nitrogen (N), Phosphates (P) and Potassium (K) it promotes heavy crops of fruit and vegetables, vigorous plants and beautiful flowers.


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  2. Vitax Organic 2-in-1 Plant Invigorator Range


    Vitax Organic 2-in-1 Plant Invigorator is suitable for flowers, fruit and vegetables. It cleans and strengthens the plants ability to withstand stress from pest and disease attacks. Suitable for organic gardens, it contains a blend of natural oils and emulsifiers with added seaweed. The product can be used outdoors or under glass.

    Spraying with Organic 2-in-1 will remove dust, grease etc. from the leaf surface, whilst the seaweed will stimulate plant growth. Suitable for most edible and ornamental crops including roses and citrus plants.

    Some plants in the Euphorbia family have shown some sensitivity.

    Children and pets may be allowed into treated areas when leaf surfaces are dry.

    Used in the spring and summer, 2-in-1 will remove debris, dust, dirt and wax from plants, which will then help to prevent insects from securing their eggs on them. It works by purely physical means, without insecticides.


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  3. Vitax Organic Liquid Seaweed Range




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    Vitax Organic Liquid Seaweed is a concentrated liquid extract, ideal for promoting the healthy growth of plants, flowers and vegetables. Regular use of Organic Liquid Seaweed will help plants withstand environmental stress, pest and disease attack. Use as a liquid root drench or foliar spray on flowers, fruit, vegetables, shrubs and trees.

    Apply: in the Spring and throughout the growing season.

    It should be applied throughout the growing season, from Spring onwards. The concentrated Liquid Seaweed should be diluted with water, mixed well and then applied via watering can, fine sprayer or hose end diluter.


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  4. Vitax Weedfree Weedkiller Range


    Vitax WeedFree is a systemic total herbicide containing glyphosate for the control of annual and perennial weeds such as grasses, nettles, willowherb and dandelions around the garden and on hard surfaces. The weedkiller is biodegradable and breaks down in the soil to allow re-planting.

    Following application to weeds, WeedFree moves through the plant and down to the roots. For best effect apply as a spray from March to October when weeds are actively growing and have a large leaf area allowing plenty of the weed killer to be absorbed.


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  5. Vitax Brushwood Killer Range




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    Vitax SBK Brushwood Killer is a selective weedkiller for brambles, nettles, dock, woody weeds, hardwood saplings and tree stumps in grass and other neglected non-crop areas. It does not kill grass.

    Its active ingredient is Triclopyr, which is unusually effective on woody plants and is used for brush control in rights of way and defoliation of wooded areas. It is also effective against broadleaf weeds, particularly Creeping Charlie.

    Apply from May to October (June to August for woody weeds) when the soil is moist and weeds are actively growing. For tree stumps, the best time for treatment is Autumn or Winter, avoiding April, May and June when the sap is rising.

    Allow at least six weeks between application and replanting.

    Please note: This product is classed as an irritant, and care should be taken during use.


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  6. Plantpak Seed Tray Inserts Range

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    The Plantpak by Crest Seed Tray Inserts are premium quality and are used by professional growers. They are designed for use with seed trays and are ideal for the even distribution of seeds.

    The inserts allow easy plant removal and have raised drainage channels. They are made from 100% recycled and recyclable material.


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  7. Plantpak Seed & Gravel Trays Range

    SKU: PTDGRPPPK70200071

    The Plantpak by Crest Seed & Gravel Trays are premium quality trays which are used by professional growers.

    Dimensions: 36.5 x 23 x 6.2cm.


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  8. DOFF Glyphosate Weedkiller Range




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    Glyphosate Weedkiller kills weeds right down to the root. The weedkiller breaks down in the soil, meaning treated areas can be replanted. Available in ready to use (RTU) and concentrated formulations.


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  9. DOFF Advanced Concentrated Weedkiller Range




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    Doff Advanced Concentrated Weedkiller kills weeds down to the root. It is supplied in pre-measured sachets, meaning that no measuring is required.

    The weedkiller is ideal for the control of annual and perennial weeds on paths, patios, drives and wasteland and suitable for sprayer application.

    Contains: 90g/l Glyphosate.


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  10. DOFF 3 in 1 Lawn Feed, Weed & Mosskiller Range


    Doff 3in1 Lawn Feed, Weed and Mosskiller kills weeds and moss. The easy to use granule application produces greener lawns in seven days.

    Contains: 2,4-D + mecoprop-P + ferrous sulphate.


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  11. DOFF Tomato Feed Concentrate Range




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    Doff Tomato Feed Concentrate is a high potash feed, essential for maximum growth of tomatoes and full-flavoured fruit. It has added seaweed and magnesium for healthy plant establishment.

    This tomato feed is ideal for feeding tomatoes that are planted outdoors and in growbags. Flowering pot plants will also benefit from the high potash feed in the development of bigger, healthier blooms.

    Contains: Fertiliser NPK 4:5:8 with added seaweed and magnesium.


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  12. Plantpak PF Fibre Pots Round Range

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    The Plantpak Round PF Fibre Pots are 100% bio-degradable and perfect for seeds, seedlings and cuttings. Plant the pot to help prevent rot disturbance.

    Available in two sizes: 6cm or 8cm.


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  13. Plantpak Square Fibre Pots Range

    SKU: PTDGRPPPK70203020

    The Plantpak Square PF Fibre Pots are 100% bio-degradable and perfect for seeds, seedlings and cuttings. Plant the pot to help prevent root disturbance.

    Available as single pots or in a strip.


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  14. Growtivation Draintex Geotextile Fabric Range




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    Geotextile Fabric is a standard-duty, non-woven fabric with excellent drainage and filtration properties. It has a stable but open structure, making it ideal for lining trenches when constructing land (French) drains.

    The Draintex fabric acts as a filter membrane, separating the aggregate from the soil, thus preventing the aggregate from mixing with the soil and reducing the efficiency and capacity of the drain.

    Draintex is also used for wrapping soak away and water attenuation crates in both small domestic and large commercial projects. The high permeability of the fabric means water can percolate through whilst preventing the soak away becoming silted up.

    Draintex can be used as ground stabilisation membrane beneath MOT Type 1 or 3 aggregate or hardcore to form a stable base in many hard landscaping and civil engineering applications.


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  15. DOFF Multipurpose Lawn Seed Range




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    Doff Multipurpose Lawn Seed gives a superior lawn finish with a lush green colour. The direct sow seeds are easy-to-use and apply, and are disliked by birds. They have a +PROCOAT coating to ensure quality results.


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