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  1. Faithfull PrestigeHeavy-Duty Garden Hose Range
    The Faithfull Prestige Garden Hose is a superior quality, UK manufactured hose. It is made from heavy-duty polyester, reinforced with a 24 braid fibre... Learn More

    Prices From £10.09 £8.41

  2. Faithfull Heavy-Duty Reinforced Builders Hose Range
    The Faithfull Builders Hose is a superior quality UK manufactured hose, ideal for worksite use. It is made from heavy-duty polyester, reinforced with a... Learn More

    Prices From £18.13 £15.11

  3. Hozelock Auto Reel Range
    The Hozelock Auto Reel has a 180 rotation which allows the Auto Reel to neatly park against the wall or follow you around the garden. The retraction... Learn More

    Prices From £103.56 £86.30

  4. Hozelock Soft Touch Aquastop Connector Range
    The Hozelock Aquastop Connector has an internal valve that stops the water flow when an accessory (e.g. a spray gun) is disconnected, so avoiding the... Learn More

    Prices From £4.81 £4.01

  5. Hozelock Soft Touch Hose End Connector Range
    The Hozelock Quick Connect Hose End Connector is guaranteed secure, up to 10 bar, thanks to a triple locking system. All the internal parts are made... Learn More

    Prices From £4.15 £3.46

  6. Hozelock Pressure Sprayer Plus Range
    The Hozelock Pressure Sprayer Plus is the gardeners choice. Wide base foot rests to increase stability in use, vertical lance holder, carry strap and... Learn More

    Prices From £32.06 £26.72

  7. Hozelock Pressure Sprayer Standard Range
    The Hozelock Standard Sprayer range provides easy, accurate and cost effective application of water, insecticides, pesticides, fungicides and... Learn More

    Prices From £22.12 £18.43

  8. Hozelock Sprinkler Hose Range
    The Hozelock Sprinkler Hose is a perforated flat hose, which produces a gentle sprinkler effect when used upright and a deep soaking action when... Learn More

    Prices From £28.58 £23.82

  9. Hozelock Knapsack Pressure Sprayer Plus Range
    The Hozelock Knapsack Pressure Sprayer Plus is a large high quality, multi-purpose sprayer specifically designed to spray larger areas. It fits... Learn More

    Prices From £79.79 £66.49

  10. Matabi Sprayer Accessories Range
    Range of Matabi Sprayer Accessories... Learn More

    Prices From £1.30 £1.08

  11. Flopro Elite Hose Range
    The Flopro Elite Hose is the ultimate garden hose. It is 6 layer durable hose with Tricot reinforced ATS mesh, providing the ultimate in hose... Learn More

    Prices From £24.00 £20.00

  12. Flopro+ Cube Automatic Hose Reel Range
    The Flopro+ Cube is an innovative and stylish wall mounted hose reel complete with all the fittings, which automatically unwinds/rewinds the hose... Learn More

    Prices From £97.86 £81.55

  13. Hozelock Assembled Hose Cart with Hose Range
    The Hozelock Assembled Reel has a small internal drum diameter and an extra-long winding handle, rewinding is easy. This hose reel has a robust metal... Learn More

    Prices From £52.26 £43.55

  14. Hozelock AutoReel Hose Range
    The Hozelock AutoReel has a re-wind mechanism, combined with an internal spring, means that the hose is re-wound onto the drum with the minimum of... Learn More

    Prices From £63.40 £52.83

  15. Hozelock Hose Nozzle Range
    This Hozelock hose nozzle is adjustable and able to produce a variety of sprays from a jet spray to a fine spray. The fitting has a male connector and... Learn More

    Prices From £6.61 £5.51

  16. Hozelock Round Tap Connector Range
    This Hozelock round tap connector is designed for round and oval spout taps.The fitting is sealed to the tap by tightening the stainless steel clip.... Learn More

    Prices From £7.45 £6.21

  17. Hozelock Universal Drippers Range
    The Hozelock Universal Drippers are ideal for watering borders, hedges and vegetables patches. Their cleverly engineered design allows for a safe and... Learn More

    Prices From £12.74 £10.62

  18. Hozelock Freestanding Compact Hose Reel Range
    This Hozelock innovative Freestanding Compact Hose Reel is the ideal hose storage system that can hold up to 30m of 12.5mm diameter hose. Freestanding,... Learn More

    Prices From £26.89 £22.41

  19. Hozelock Multi Spray Gun Plus Range
    The Hozelock 2684 Multi Spray Gun Plus combines fantastic looks, comfortable soft touch ergonomics with a range of genuinely useful spray patterns. It... Learn More

    Prices From £22.16 £18.47

  20. Hozelock Multi Spray Gun 5 Pattern Range
    The Hozelock Multi Spray Gun has a lockable rear soft-touch trigger that turns water on and off and is fitted with an easy to use flow control, that... Learn More

    Prices From £12.82 £10.68

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Watering Products
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