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Axes & Splitting Wedges

Axes & Splitting Wedges
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  1. Faithfull Fibre Glass Shaft Felling Axes Range


    This Faithfull axe is manufactured from carefully hardened and tempered quality carbon steel, and the head is fully ground with polished cutting edges which are protected by a blade guard.

    It is fitted with a fibreglass handle which is lightweight, resistant to moisture and much stronger than traditional timber.


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  2. Faithfull Fibre Glass Shaft Log Split Mauls Range




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    The Faithfull heavy-duty traditional log splitting maul is designed to split logs quickly and efficiently. It has a quality drop forged head fitted with a fibreglass handle that is lightweight, resistant to moisture and much stronger than traditional timber, with the added protection of an overstrike collar.
    The maul may also be used as a hammer for driving a wedge into oversized or difficult logs as well as for splitting logs.


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  3. Bahco Splitting Wedge Synthetic Range




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    Synthetic tree felling wedge for use in conjunction with felling operations using a chainsaw. The synthetic wedge will not damage the chainsaw during use.


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  4. Bahco Splitting Wedge WS Range




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    Bahco Traditional Steel Wedge, to be used together with a sledge hammer or a splitting maul.


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  5. Bahco FGS Felling Axe Range


    Bahco Felling Axe with an Ash Handle for felling trees and branch trimming. High quality tool steel blade with curved ash handle, which is slightly wider at the eye.

    The thin, wide blade ensures a clean and easy cut into the branch.


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  6. Bahco HUS Hatchet Range


    Bahco Camping Hatchet for general purpose applications such as camping, gardening and branch trimming.

    Curved ash handle secured by jagged carbon-fibre wedge. Suspension hole for easy storage when not in use.


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  7. Roughneck Wood Grenade Splitting Wedge Range




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    Roughneck Wood Grenade Splitting Wedge has a diamond shaped cross section and provides splitting of the log in 4 directions. Spherical striking face provides a centred and efficient blow. The notches prevent pop out from the log being split.

    Has a sharp point for easy start. Use with a sledge hammer for greatest effect.


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  8. Roughneck Felling Axe - Fibreglass Handle Range


    Roughneck Felling Axe has a drop forged alloy steel blade that has been hardened and tempered for increased durability. Uses industrial grade epoxy for longer lasting bond.

    Has a solid core fibreglass handle with polypropylene cover that is stronger than wood. Has a double injected TPR soft grip handle, and polished blade.

    65-644: Handle length: 910mm (36in).
    65-648: Handle length: 925mm (36 1/2in).


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  9. Roughneck Splitting Maul - Fibreglass Handle Range




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    Roughneck Splitting Maul is ideal for splitting wood and driving wedges. The unique anti-stick blade is designed for faster and easier splitting. Made from hardened and tempered drop forged alloy steel with a solid core fibreglass handle and polypropylene cover.

    Has a double injected TPR soft grip handle, and an integral overstrike protection. Has a polished striking face with chamfered edges. Uses industrial grade epoxy for longer lasting bond.

    Handle length: 875mm (35in).


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  10. Faithfull Hickory Axe Handle Range




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    Faithfull fawn foot pattern Axe Handle made from top grade hickory, which is recommended for all striking tools because of its shock absorbing properties. Manufactured to BS3823 BW/BR standards specification. Various lengths and eye sizes available.


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Axes & Splitting Wedges
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