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  1. ALM Spool & Lines - Black and Decker Range
    From: £3.72

    The ALM Manufacturing Replacement Spool & Lines to fit Black and Decker machines.

    Manufactured in the UK.


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  2. ALM Blade compares: FLY001 & 002 Range
    From: £9.92

    Metal blades to fit Flymo models.


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  3. ALM Blade compares: FLY004 Range
    From: £10.72

    The ALM Manufacturing Metal Blades to suit various Flymo models.


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  4. ALM Spool & Line for Flymo Range
    From: £3.62

    Various Spool & Lines for Flymo machines:

    FL224 Spool & Line: Contour Power Plus Cordless, Contour XT 18v Cordless, Sabre Trim.

    FL225 Spool & Line: Minitrim, Multi Trim & Revolution (Single Line).

    FL229 Spool & Line: Power Trim 500/700.

    FL289 Spool & Line: Double Auto-Feed Models.

    Manufactured in the UK.


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  5. ALM Blade: Chevron/Venturer Range
    From: £12.80

    Metal blade to suit Flymo Chevron/Lawnchief/Venturer.


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  6. ALM Blade compares: FLY-009, 027 & 048 Range
    From: £11.70

    The ALM Manufacturing Metal Blades to suit various Flymo models.


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  7. ALM 2-Stroke Fuel Mixing Bottle Range
    From: £2.42

    The ALM Manufacturing 2-Stroke Mixing Bottles are ideal for accurate measuring and mixing of 2 stroke petrol/oil mix.

    Capacity: 1 litre.


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  8. Bahco PX ERGO Secateurs Range
    From: £34.11

    These new Bahco secateurs are ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in the hand, with comfort and a good positive grip, as the shape and size of the handles are adapted to the size of the hand.

    The cutting head on the Bahco PXL2 adapts to the task to be performed, and gives a good clean cut, on twigs, branches or delicate flowers that need pruning. Bahco have used the most up to date materials in constructing these secateurs for comfort, cutting performance and to help reduce fatigue and pain, as the PX handles are made of composite material with soft rubber on the upper part.

    These are available in three sizes, and a rotating version for all types of garden maintenance from harsh pruning of large or overgrown shrubbery, to delicate stemmed flowers, for propagating to flower arrangements: S (small), M (medium) and L (large) with three sizes of cutting heads with different cutting capacities available: class 1 (15mm, 1/2-inch), class 2 (20mm, 3/4-inch) and class 3 (30mm, 1 1/4-inch) and a main feature is all cutting heads fit all handles.


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  9. DOFF Glyphosate Weedkiller Range
    From: £2.37

    Glyphosate Weedkiller kills weeds right down to the root. The weedkiller breaks down in the soil, meaning treated areas can be replanted. Available in ready to use (RTU) and concentrated formulations.


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  10. DOFF Advanced Concentrated Weedkiller Range
    From: £2.70

    Doff Advanced Concentrated Weedkiller kills weeds down to the root. It is supplied in pre-measured sachets, meaning that no measuring is required.

    The weedkiller is ideal for the control of annual and perennial weeds on paths, patios, drives and wasteland and suitable for sprayer application.

    Contains: 90g/l Glyphosate.


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